Nov. 12th, 2011

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I'm currently looking for a website, article, whatever that can help me explain (or at least give me a clue by four to use on some denser online acquaintances) about discussions. Basically, I need something that explains why it's okay to leave discussions about what happens to marginalized groups to those groups and not go cluntering in with your non-marginalized experiences.

I've looked at Derailing For Dummies, and I don't see it addressed specifically.

I'm sick and tired of explaining to someone why I don't CARE what his experiences are as a man dealing with rape or sexual assault and harassment, but rather I'm interested in how it affects women and women only. If I try to shut down the discussion, I'm accused of being closed minded and not willing to see that there are two sides to every issue. *eyeroll*

This man simply doesn't get that his experiences are tangential, not welcome and quite frankly, demeaning.


(And if anyone posts "But what about teh menz????" in response to this, I will simply delete the response. I'm not joking about this and I don't need this derailed into why I don't want to discuss and validate the experience of men. PERIOD.)
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Unless something changes drastically...

Looks like I'll be around to harvest the garden next summer. And MAYBE go to Pennsic. MAYBE.


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