Jan. 9th, 2011 08:14 am
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These are pictures of the first red tunic, and the start of the second one.

They're AWFUL, but they'll give you an idea.

It's not quite so orange IRL, but it is BRIGHT!  You can barely see the detail on the facing, but I'll update when I have better pictures.

The following pictures are the start of the second tunic.  This is the facing that goes around the collar.  I usually do a double facing, and turn it from the inside out, so that the neckline is totally enclosed and neat.  One, it looks better to me, and two, it avoids the neckline rubbing an exposed seam on Ioannes's neck.

You can see the word "TOP" in one shot,  That's to remind me which side is the top side, or rather, which one will be seen on the outside of the tunic.

And a bit closer.  Not that you can see anything.

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I finished a project.  For the first time in...yeah, let's not talk about that.

Ioannes has at least one new fighting tunic.  Go me!

Oh dear.

Sep. 16th, 2010 03:48 pm
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I'm sewing again.  Or at least planning to sew.  I have a bunch of stuff to finish for John, and some good information on a more correct style of tunic for him.  Then, gamboised cuisses, basically, and a new fighting tunic and he'll be all set.

For me, though...Well, now.

Our barony's Candlemas, in February, is themed as "A Night in New Spain."  Set in 1566, it's a great chance for me to play with a style of clothing I've wanted to make for a long time.  Late-period, fancy stuff.  As illustrated by...

Granted, my fabric is not that lucious red silk damask, but hey... I can't have everything, can I?

My fabric is this: 

I'm REALLY hoping it's as awesome as I think it is. If not, I'll be off to the races to find something else...but I'll be able to upholster the couch!
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I've had a good few days.  One of the best parts was getting to talk to John twice in four days!  Yay!  He's got a cell phone in Afghanistan, but it's upwards of three dollars a minute for me to call him, so calls are still going to be pretty limited, but at least he's able to call when he gets a spare minute instead of having to wait until he can get to the call center on the other side of the camp.

Let's see-  Friday I noodled around a bit, then took off for Ft. Worth to see Amalia, the Best Friend of Awesomeness and Kittens.  Yay!  (And yes, for all you smart-alecs, I do happen to like going up to Ft. Worth, although I really need to schedule in some time to get over to the Dallas side of the area!)

Got to meet Amalia's mom, and I really enjoyed that.  She's a neat lady.  :-)

We spent most of that afternoon getting Amalia ready to show int the Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition.  Basically, getting stuff printed, doing a bit of copy-editing, and bagging it all up so we didn't forget anything.  By the end of the night, it was feeling a bit like school, pushing to get a big project done, and being a bit punchy by the end of it all.  :-)    However, I must say it was time well spent (including making Egghead the Dress Dummy look right) because we didn't forget *anything* and even brought stuff we thought we might need, but weren't sure about, and it was nice to know we were ready for anything!

Saturday was The Big Day.  We got off to a bit later start than we wanted to, due to problems getting pictures printed.  I finally convinced Amalia that we didn't have the time to stop at one more place to try, and I'm really glad she agreed, because we got to the site with about half an hour to spare before they kicked everyone out of the room to start judging.  We set everything up, make it look pretty and then...skedaddled!

I wandered over to another building to help set up for the Princess Tea, and had a good time with that.  I didn't stay, as I'm not a cadet (I got grumped at for that later, too), but I heard lots of good things about it.  I also heard some good news regarding a couple of friends who have been having a bit of a rough spot lately, and I'm happy about it.  They're good people.

After that, I headed back to the judging area, to sit and wait and wait and sit for the results.  We hung out and chatted, I watched a bit of the youth chivalric tourney, and then...bum bum bum!  It was time to head back in and ogle all the displays as well as get judging sheets back.  Amalia did amazingly well!  I'm so proud that I'll be helping her put it all together again to show at Gulf Wars!  Honestly, her dress is AMAZING, and you should totally come by and pet it.  (Make sure your hands are clean, please!)  Silk velvet  I could SO get naked and roll around on the dress and then, die happy.

We got out of the hall about 1930, and headed off to grab dinner with some friends.  If you're in Athens, Texas, do yourself a favor and AVOID Mazzio's.  The food, when it finally showed up, was good, but the salad bar was disgusting, my pasta didn't come with the chicken I ordered and the restrooms were horrific.  (I mean, so bad that we decided to skip them in favor of a gas station.)

It was close to midnight when we finally got in, and I passed out until about 0800 Sunday morning.  We noodled about, cleaned up a bit for a client that came by, had dinner and I, sadly, had to take off for home.  Liam had left for Houston earlier in the afternoon, so the puppies tried to tell me they'd been crated for YEARS by the time I got in (lying puppies lie.).  He'd gone to work on some new armor, and pick up...a trailer!  Yay!  We're now the proud owners of a one-horse enclosed trailer.  It's in need of a good scrubbing, but other than that, it looks great and will be wonderful for our needs.

I've got two cotes almost done, and hope to have them completed (except buttons and buttonholes) by Sunday.  Amalia is going to come spend Saturday evening with me, so that I can get these finished and I'm happy about that.  It's so much easier to do them when she's around because I can pick her brain about what I'm doing.  I also love my sewing guides!  The Vogue book is so freakin' awesome for when I do get stuck.  It's not as MUCH help when I'm sewing SCA stuff, but good technique is good technique...

Liam got home with the trailer, and John called shortly thereafter, so it was an AWESOME night all over.  :-)  We watched an episode of Farscape and then hit the rack.  I don't want to talk about how badly I overslept this morning, though...


Apr. 6th, 2009 09:54 pm
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I have a new cloak.  I started it yesterday and finished it tonight.  It needs a clasp, but other than that, it's done.  It weighs a ton and if I say I'm cold in this thing, you'd better find the penguins because they're gonna be around.  I'll post pictures later, but it's another one down for the A&S50.  This one was half stash, and half new bought. 

Really bad shopped picture under here.... )Really bad shopped picture under here.... )Really bad shopped picture under here.... )

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A&S 50 projects:

John's first fighting tunic (that fabric has been relegated to chair and cooler covers.  It isn't cotton canvas, so the seller lied to me!)
John's long green tunic
John's long white tunic
My blue linen Byzantine
My white linen Byzantine
Liam's blue/copper cote (shared project)
My black cote
Blue salwar (x2)
Red salwar
Gold entari (shared project)
John's blue linen pants
John's red wool tunic
Vivi's green and yellow cote
Chance's blue and orange cote
John's fighting tunic (shared project)
John's fighting pants
6 April 09- Cloak for me

Next up:
Long white tunic for John (another one)
Blue linen cote or court tunic for John
Red silk court tunic for John
Another entari for me
Pink cote
Clothes for kids
Another gomlek
Red silk vest for under the entari
Dark blue linen salwar
Purple cote
Silk cote

My persona has pretty much packed up and moved to the last half of period, if you can't tell.  Either cotes or entari seem to be my preferred clothing lately.  I have to laugh.
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These are only two pix of the projects we've been working on.

The first is a shot of the shirts I made for Sir Giotto, in exchange for some ceramic ware for eating.


The second is an entari Liam and I are working on together.  (He's doing 99% of the work on it, I'm just pressing and embellishing.)  The pattern on the fabric isn't quite right, but it's a stash entari, so I'm happy with it.  It's also black and gold, so it's going to look fabulous!

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I've come to realize this. 

Oh well.  It is what it is.  ;-)
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You realize you need to draw a long straight cutting line on fabric (on the diagonal), so you employ your housemate's snap chalk line. 

(It worked really well, too!)


(P.S.- Is anyone getting my replies to the Truth post yesterday, or do I need to send them via PM?)
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I read about people putting stuff together in two days and I wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong.  For me, even an easy project is at least a couple of days, and usually weeks. 

However, I did FINALLY get the serger working last night, and get the sleeves put together.  Now, I'm going to put the lining and the body of the cote together and see what it all looks like.  Then, I'll see about making a few more. 


Not sure what other fabrics I'm going to use, but I'm sure I'll find something.  Cotton twill would be nice and I do have some lovely silk, but I need to make sure that's back with a very very strong lining fabric to take most of the stress off the silk.  The cote is very fitted, and it has to be to support the breasts, but I'm worried that the silk will just shred if it's not back with something very stable.  Not heavy, necessarily, but stable.  Just something very tightly woven.  Probably a cotton sheeting.

If anyone's got any advice for making a very fitted cote from silk (why yes, I am looking at HRH at the moment, but she's really busy, so I'm not looking TOO hard....), would you tell me your solution?
The silks are from this post, the one with all the fabric pictures.  :-)  I am trying to avoid buying more silk, like twill.  So far, I'm successful.
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But I'm thinking that I'm missing something.  There's an odd gap, that I think I may have to stitch up by hand next time.  That's fine, but because of the little clip at the end of the button/buttonhole section, it doesn't want to serge neatly.  Hmmmm...If you force it, it looks odd, but if you skip it, you get a gap.  Looks like a needle and thread will fix my little red wagon.  :-)

Now, on to the body.  I'm leaving the buttonholes for later, as I want to get a bit more done on the cote.  I think.

Tomorrow is "Stitch and B*tch" at our place, so I need to break out the sewing machines and clean up a bit.

Don't know if anyone is actually going to sew, but we'll be ready if they do!


Jan. 19th, 2009 07:48 pm
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I'm sure there's a less fabric-intensive way to cut a cote....but I'm not finding it right now.
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*bleah*  I am run down, but very excited.

Yesterday, we went to Saginaw to meet up with a lovely lady, Amalia of Elfsea and she kindly provided a pattern for a cote for me.

Also, because her personal cotes fit me like a very lovely glove, I bought two of her used cotes.  Yay!  I also have some lovely corduroy in the wash.  I have about seven yards of the cinnamon colored, so if I need to, I may do a parti-colored cote.  It may have to be brown and white, simply due to the yardage.

Alternately, I could do a grey and white cote.  That would be awfully pretty.

Anyway, also, we went to Round Table, also known as Red Tape.  John took the herald warranting class, while I took the seneschal's class.  I am not a seneschal right now, but we are trying to get a Stronghold formed near Ft. Hood.  That means that we'll be trying for Incipient status in the next few months, so we'll be filing shadow reports to get a paper trail going.

Excuse me while I flail about.

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Okay...not the best pictures ever, but this will at least give you an idea of what I'm talking about...All of these were taken in natural light with a flash to highlight.  So...what do you think?

Warning!  IMAGE HEAVY!

Welcome to my parlour, said the Spider to the Fly... )
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I'm going to be doing a fair bit of sewing over the next month and a half. Expect more polls! Right now, it's looking like a 10-gore dress and a couple of cotes.  Gulf Wars is evidently pretty chilly and rainy, so I can't make anything that I'd die to get muddy or wet.  (No matter what I make, it has to be able to be washed.  Yes, that means my silk gets washed too.)

So, to get me started on the 10-gore dress, what do you think?

Warning, this poll is a monster!

Cut because I care! )
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First things eternal thanks go out to[info]cenliamgordon  and my darling[info]sappersgt

I ordered a new helm from Ashcraft-Baker, and although it's a touch hard to get on and off because it's really little, Liam and I strapped it, and I wore it last night for the first time.  OMG.  What a difference it makes!  I can turn my head, because it doesn't bind up on my gorget!  I can actually see out the grill (contacts help there, too!) and it's as comfortable as I think I can expect!  Happy-ness!

Part of the happiness of the new helm is that it's fitting over my new gorget.  I'd been struggling with my gorget for a while, as it was just kind of wonky and my hair was catching on the velcro *constantly.* 

Look, I'm not that vain, but I do like my hair, and having it snapped off all the time was starting to seriously piss me off, so Liam suggested a "dog-collar" style gorget, and made one for me.  We lined it in smurf-skin, but I wasn't happy with it, so John relined it with some shearling.  Best.  Thing.  Evar.  It's warm, oddly enough, but the shearling didn't rub my neck raw and better yet, when I started sweating, the shearling didn't get slick and start to slide around like the foam padding would have but it stayed put and absorbed the sweat.

It was the coolness.

Last night was melees, and I died.  It was fun though.  A lot of fun.  :-D

So, I cut the pink caftan too small.  *facepalm*  Yes, I am running again, thank GOD, but still...cut the pink cotton caftan too small.   I figured I'd head off to JoAnn to grab some more of the apple green lining, but decided, since the home dec fabrics were on sale I'd check them out too.  Headed over to the silk section and found some silk for $17.99, and 50% off.  I thought about it, and decided I'd get the silk for a couple dollars more a yard, so I did.  The lining will still be the pink twill, but the outer shell will be a blush silk, much like the color shown here.  The silk I bought isn't the same, as it's not the same price, but the color is very very close.

So, if you're at BAM, look for the pink caftan with the white Hershey Kiss hat and that should be me.  On the other hand, you can probably find me on the melee field, too.

I think that's about all for me.  I think.  Probably not, though.

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Because I want comments on my garbing endeavours, too...

And now, garb.  I'm working on the Reconstructing History Ottoman Woman caftan, and honestly it's been a breeze to cut out.  I'm not making the gomlek because I'm running out of time, but I am doing the pink caftan.  Kass had mentioned a lime green lining and I thought that would be so amazingly, eye-bleedingly awesome that I had to try it.  :-D  I couldn't find enough of the true lime, but I did find a brilliant green.  Here, look:

Really, you can't tell how absolutely brilliant this green is and the pink looks more peachy here than it is.  It's a light rose pink with a dark apple green lining.  It's gonna be GORGEOUS!  And I found some neat variegated thread to do the top/decorative stitching with, so I'm excited!  Tonight, it gets sewn together and then we'll go from there...Pictures will be forthcoming.

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Bordermarch Autumn Melees is coming up and you know...we have a distinct garb shortage around the house.  Well, John and I do.  Add to this moving and such, and well...we could be looking at wearing the exact same things we wore last year.  If that happens, it happens. 

(Damn, need to get the dogs boarded too, for BAM and Turkey Day!)

However, that's not quite what I want to happen.  I'd like to have some more stuff made up by then, so we'll see.  Right now, I'm considering an unlined caftan, in pink cotton twill.  Yes, it's bubblegum pink.  Yes, it's obnoxious.  Cope.  If you're going to BAM and you see this thing, you cannot tell me you didn't know it was me.  (That's if I get it done!)

I've got some more linen, that I can crank out a tunic or two for John before BAM, I think.  Nothing fancy, nothing really hand-sewn, but I think I can do it.

AGH!  Need to call PODS and get the delivery date for that set up too.  I also need to fax the orders to Karl, our landlord, and make sure he got my email about moving. 

What else?  Oh, yeah, going to WLC next Jan, so need to get cranking on that, too.  Fun. 

Um.  Not too much else going on.  Some folx I know are worrying about whether they'll have a military job in the next fiscal year.  I think so, because we have commitments that are going to extend us out for a while, no matter what, so with some judicious work and planning it should be okay.

Okay, not much else to say.
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I am *this* close to being done with my new tunic.  Then, I can focus on John's fighting garb.  Liam found some gorgeous trim to go on it, and in exchange, he's getting some gold and red trim, in addition to his Centurion eagle trim, to spiff out the bottom of the cote. 

Speaking of that fighting cote...Liam has done a fantastic job with it. 

He agreed to listen to me and slow down with the machine as well as hand-baste most of the seams rather than pinning.  Pinning would have been a lot faster, but the seams look so good!  He also flat felled them all, so the coat is darn-near reversible.  Slowing down with the machine also allows him to correct seam allowance and whatnot before it disappears under the needle and that's been a good thing. 

I'm really proud of him.  The bottom isn't nearly as fwooshy as I'd make it, but that's my personal preference.  Now, he's just got to make sleeves, and he's all set. 

So, my goal this week...finish up my tunic (and it's 99% handwork at this point, so I can work on it on the drive to Houston for the Quilt Show) and get John's tunic and pants cut out.  I managed to score a yard and half of heavy heavy dark blue linen that I'm going to use to reinforce the elbows, the collar and the cuffs so that they don't wear so fast, but I'm still struggling to understand the directions in Levantia's books on the collar slit for Byzantine men's clothing, so John may have to suck up the center slit for now.  I'm going to scan the bloody pages in one of these days and see if anyone else can make heads or tails of them.

Honestly, I'm way behind where I wanted to be, garb-wise, but at least I'll have something for Baronial and if I can, I'd like to make another new tunic for BAM, or maybe...just maybe a cotehardie.  I have some pretty bubblegum pink twill that would make a lovely cote.  ;-)

Speaking of cotes...[info]attack_laurel has a page on an interesting stitch technique on an Elizabethan garment, and I'm wondering if we have any evidence of this being used any earlier, like...oh...on a cote?  I'd love to try this for a cote, before I start working on my Elizabethan.  Excuse me while I giggle like a fiend.  Yeah, after I work on Turkish, German and Byzantine.  And a cote.  Then I'll work on Elizabethan.  (Ah hahahahaha hahahaha hahahahahah...*wheeze*...ahahahahahahahahahahah!) 

BTW, if you're doing research, and you're not so used to it, anyone have a good outline of how you go about it?  I can do research for news stuff, but costume research is totally out of my league.  I just don't know how to do it. to the salt mines with me!


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