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Brain has gone asplodey again.

I'm stuck on some of the upcoming projects, and with a four day drill this weekend, I'm not gonna get as much done as I wanted to.  Oh well, it's not like I need to sleep...

I've found the basis for the eagle, as well as the two heads, I think.  I'll use papier mache eggs as a mold, with wire armatures for the wings and necks.

I'm going to use a two-liter Coke bottle as the mold for Liam's lady, since it'll have that hourglass shape.  I'll cut the back of the bottle out, so the back is smooth, but I think that'll work pretty well.  She'll be in a black and gold cote and sideless surcote that will trail out to his mantle, I hope, so it's not like I've got nothing to do!

I've started laying out the letters of intent and think *maybe* I might be going a wee bit overboard.  Nah.  John's is actually pretty easy, the Greek aside, and Liam's will just take a while to lay out, more so than paint.  John's will be a dome, with the Greek lettering in three columns under the dome, and Liam's is a take off from the Manesse Codex, with a knight and a rose tree that forms the border.  We'll see how they turn out.


Jan. 9th, 2011 08:14 am
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These are pictures of the first red tunic, and the start of the second one.

They're AWFUL, but they'll give you an idea.

It's not quite so orange IRL, but it is BRIGHT!  You can barely see the detail on the facing, but I'll update when I have better pictures.

The following pictures are the start of the second tunic.  This is the facing that goes around the collar.  I usually do a double facing, and turn it from the inside out, so that the neckline is totally enclosed and neat.  One, it looks better to me, and two, it avoids the neckline rubbing an exposed seam on Ioannes's neck.

You can see the word "TOP" in one shot,  That's to remind me which side is the top side, or rather, which one will be seen on the outside of the tunic.

And a bit closer.  Not that you can see anything.

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I finished a project.  For the first time in...yeah, let's not talk about that.

Ioannes has at least one new fighting tunic.  Go me!
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I'm currently working on two projects:

This is going to be a personal banner.  I've still got to actually sew everything down (rather than just stitchwitch it down), paint the green leaves, do the eye, the nose and the ear detail, and then paint the ermine.  It's all hemmed and everything.  Both the top and the bottom have sleeves for poles, so it can be tied to a day shade, or suspended in a variety of ways.  

This is the banner for Hellsgate.  It needs to be hemmed along the sides, highlighted and ties put on it, but it's coming along.  I'm industrious and stuff.

However, I really wish I could have gone to Coronation.  These needed to be done though.  I made a promise to get two banners done by FP tomorrow.  Eeeep!
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is there anything more fun than writing award recs???
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Yes, I know...there's something wrong with me.  Really, really wrong.

So, that's what it looks like now.  :-)  I'm pretty happy, although if I did it again, I'd probably go with a brighter pink so the grey keys aren't quite so mauve.  Oh well, I'm happy.
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what I could be good at in the SCA.

This is the general invite for the Laurels Prize Tourney.  It's pretty plain, but I think it looks good.

This is the design sketch for a personalized invite.  The folx that it's going out to are some of my favorite peoples in the SCA and I miss them.  I don't think he'll be able to come, and I don't know if she will, but I wanted them to know they're thought about and missed.  He is a Lion of Ansteorra and the tower comes from her device, so we'll see how it turns out.
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First and foremost, Christ is Risen!

All in all, it's been a good weekend. 

I'm feeling MUCH better, and think that I've mostly kicked the crud I picked up after GW in the butt. 

Friday, we committed gardening, and got a section of lawn sheet mulched and planted with stuff.  Mostly some pink-flowering plants Liam's little boy picked out, a white-flowering plant his little girl picked out, the Peace rose that followed me home from Lowe's, and some Asiatic lilies that I was going to plant by the door, until Liam noticed they needed full sun, not part sun.  Whoops.  So, that area's just mulched and I'll figure out something to put there.

Saturday, we headed to the Leander VFW (I'm now a member) for an Easter egg hunt.  They had 3000 eggs, but really, the kids didn't manage to get many at all, because the bigger kids were faster and, well...meaner isn't quite right, but it's close.  So, Liam snuck out to MalWart and got eggs, jelly beans and robin's egg candies for an egg hunt here this morning.  :-)

Last night was Pascha, and I'm not terribly happy with the pictures I took this year, although I'll post some of them under a cut so John can see.  I staggered in about 0400 and slept until right around 0800.  Got up, wandered around a bit and Liam kicked my butt back to bed so I could nap some more. The second best part of the night?  John called and we chatted the entire way home! 

After I was finally upright, and had some coffee, I made arrangements with Deane (John's best friend, who is home on R&R from Iraq) to see Clash of the Titans.  Honestly, I wasn't expecting high art (c'mon, have you seen the original?), and it was fun.  It was pretty much every great role-playing game I've been in wrapped up in one package. 

(For those of you who don't game, the next paragraph can be summed up as "dork dork dork.")

We had the Great Big Antagonist, the Reluctant Hero, the Plucky Sidekicks (who die), the Plucky Sidekicks (who come back to save your ass), the Bodacious Chick, and the Exotic Mount.  Also, see Giant Creepy Monsters, and Freaky Cultists.  There was a cute nod to the original, although I was kind of disappointed they didn't do more with it.  There were some WTF moments, and some amazing logic roll fails, as well as some total natural 20s in the combat scenes.  Also, pls to be explaining Greek gods in Gothic plate armor?  (Whoever shines Zeus's  I don't wanna know how many points they've dropped into "art- polishing."

Sadly, Deane has to head back to the sandbox tomorrow, so that sucks.  He's where I'm heading, so I'm hoping to see him again soon.  (Well, I'd really rather we both be in the area, rather than both in Iraq, but hey, I'll take small victories where I can find them.)

Now, I'm about to go crawl into bed.  Tomorrow is coming up faster than I want it to!
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You all know, probably more than half of you want to, that I play in the SCA.

I was blessed to know our recent Queen and King, even just a little bit through LJ, and they were both gracious enough to allow me to help in small ways by being on entourage.   I wasn't able to help as much as I would have liked, but I am SO grateful that I was allowed to help, even a little bit.

I cannot begin to tell you how much just seeing that little teeny tiny bit of work the Crowns do makes me appreciate them even more. 

Yes, they rule because we let them, but honestly, they work damn hard at what they do.  To be fair, to be gracious, to be the ideals we all strive to emulate.

I won't say they weren't human, for that would be damning them both with faint praise.  No, they were human, with all the attendant joys, and sadnesses, frictions and emotions that come with the courtesies and pleasantries of being Crown.  They were both regal, beautiful, gentle, fierce and always, always, full of love for their Kingdom.  We are so blessed to have this be our tradition of Royalty in the SCA, and in Ansteorra.  This is what I have "grown up" with in the SCA, this is what I've come to expect, and I am so grateful to have such an ideal to look up to, no matter how short I may fall. 

Thank you, all of you, for the part you play in the Dream we share, and to our recent King and Queen, Vivat!  To our current Crowns, may You have a wonderful reign! 
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I'm sorry for the confusion regarding the forgiveness post.  In the Orthodox Church, the Sunday before the start of Great Lent is "Forgiveness Sunday," when we ask those we have offended in this year to forgive us our transgressions.  I usually do it on LJ because, well, it's my largest social outlet, pretty much.

I also am simply amazed at my life.  Yeah, things aren't always the best, sometimes I fall and don't remember to look up to see my blessings, but seriously?  My life is incredible. 

I have a wonderful marriage and romantic life.   I am surrounded by love and affection at every turn, even when I wonder why.

I have a job I adore and I am lucky enough to still be employed.

I am involved with a hobby that allows my inner geek out to play, and surrounds me with more open-hearted friends than I know what to do with.  (I'm looking at you,[info]selenite,[info]celticdragonfly , and[info]liamstliam  and[info]fieryredhead, and [info]cenliamgordon, and...damn...pretty much ALL the SCAdians on my f-list....and speaking of SCAdians and lists...[info]spikywheel, did my package ever get to you?  I've had a spate of screwy mail recently and I wanted to make sure your giftie didn't get caught up in it.)  The SCA lets me revel in my love of pomp and circumstance and allows me to help others without people wondering what the hell I want.

God has truly graced me with so many good things and I am constantly in awe of the things He deems fit to bestow upon me.

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The cart does NOT go in front of the horse.  Really.  I swear.  If you keep putting that horse back there, it's going to run you over and you're going to look like a DORK with hoofprints on your ass.

So, quit it. 
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I read about people putting stuff together in two days and I wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong.  For me, even an easy project is at least a couple of days, and usually weeks. 

However, I did FINALLY get the serger working last night, and get the sleeves put together.  Now, I'm going to put the lining and the body of the cote together and see what it all looks like.  Then, I'll see about making a few more. 


Not sure what other fabrics I'm going to use, but I'm sure I'll find something.  Cotton twill would be nice and I do have some lovely silk, but I need to make sure that's back with a very very strong lining fabric to take most of the stress off the silk.  The cote is very fitted, and it has to be to support the breasts, but I'm worried that the silk will just shred if it's not back with something very stable.  Not heavy, necessarily, but stable.  Just something very tightly woven.  Probably a cotton sheeting.

If anyone's got any advice for making a very fitted cote from silk (why yes, I am looking at HRH at the moment, but she's really busy, so I'm not looking TOO hard....), would you tell me your solution?
The silks are from this post, the one with all the fabric pictures.  :-)  I am trying to avoid buying more silk, like twill.  So far, I'm successful.
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But I'm thinking that I'm missing something.  There's an odd gap, that I think I may have to stitch up by hand next time.  That's fine, but because of the little clip at the end of the button/buttonhole section, it doesn't want to serge neatly.  Hmmmm...If you force it, it looks odd, but if you skip it, you get a gap.  Looks like a needle and thread will fix my little red wagon.  :-)

Now, on to the body.  I'm leaving the buttonholes for later, as I want to get a bit more done on the cote.  I think.

Tomorrow is "Stitch and B*tch" at our place, so I need to break out the sewing machines and clean up a bit.

Don't know if anyone is actually going to sew, but we'll be ready if they do!
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Yes, we had the Beer, Bruises and Barbeque party on Sunday.  I suck for not updating about it sooner.

I'll have to get to it sometime this week, I'm sure.  I know I will.  It just won't be today.

Suffice to say that it rocked, I found out our devices passed, and yes, Liam's cote really does look as awesome as I thought it did. 


Pictures to come.

Oh, and after last night, I want studio lights.  Lights, dagnabbit.
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Still sick.  Getting better, but still sick.  Getting my flu shot (mist) on top of a horrible cold was not, rpt, not the best thing, but I'll survive.  My sinuses have decided that they're not making up their mind as to whether they'll be filled with goo or not, and so, I go through intermittent headachey periods where I'm *sure* my head will explode, but it never does.

Somehow, that's vaguely disappointing.  ;-)

What else?

Erm.  Starting with Monday, since that was the start of my workweek!

Monday-  Work.  Work was.  Work is.  Work will be, thank God.  In days when I know a lot of folx who are in danger of losing their job, I am profoundly grateful for mine.

Also, beginner fighter practice.  Although I did not fully armor up (see preceding note about sinuses and feeling like the south end of a north-bound mule) I did get to swing a stick a bit, and I haven't lost quite as much as I fear.  I'm still struggling to clean up and actually land my offside shots correctly, but that will come in time. 

Because I was not armored up, I was somewhat exempt from the Circle of Death, and while I did not fight, I did get a chance to put stick on armored fighters.  Basically, unarmored fighters get five swings at the armored fighters (and no, the up-armored guys do NOT get to swing back, Ioannes!). 

I managed to land two good shots in my matches, and killed Ioannes (John) but I think I also killed Abel.  Well, I got to whack upon Ioannes' legs, but that's because he reminded me in the middle of it to quit throwing the same damn shot and...oh...go low.  You know, where there was no armor!

Go me!  That was awesome. 

Tuesday-  We attempted to get a Christmas tree.  It did not happen because of the weather.  So, we returned the house, sans tree.

Wednesday-  I met with cenliamgordon at the local Home Depot and we picked up a lovely noble fir.  Sadly, because of a soldier being a jackass, John could not join us for the ritual holding of the tree, but he is pleased with the tree we picked, and he helped put it in the uber-stand.  (Between the two of us, it's still crooked.  Oh well.)

Liam's munchkins got to hang the first ornaments on it, because we didn't get it early enought to decorate it while they were at out house.  :-(  But they enjoyed hanging their ornament on it, and they'll be excited when they come back next week.

Today-  I got up, the dog grumped at me for waking her up and then got up and went to sleep with Liam.  She's a total cuddle-bug in the morning, and will cheerfully leave our bed to go find another warm body to snuggle with.  I grabbed a cuppa, put on my face and headed out.  Traffic was light, and so...I made it in to work.

Now, I have to work on a PP briefing on dealing with media for this weekend's annual briefing spree.  Yay.

Just over a week and a half until my birfday! 


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Ioannes and Helena Dalassene, Liam Gordon and The Fighting Company of Hells Gate would like to invite you to Beer, Bruises and Barbeque on Dec. 20, 2008 in Jarrell, Texas.
Although it's close to the holiday, we're holding fighter practice and a housewarming party, as well as a chance to lay stick on a Soldier on R&R from Iraq (at his request!).
Our front and back yards are big enough to go a few rounds before enjoying some cold beer and hot food with friends.  Please join us!
Where:  Helena, Ioannes and Liam's place.  Email me for directions!
Why:  It's a chance to get some stick time, have some adult beverages, and some good food.  Children are welcome!
When:  20 Dec 2008 at 12 pm, but feel free to show up later!
Please let us know if you can make it, and whether you can contribute to Beer or Barbeque.  (We're all expectiing to contribute to Bruises!)
Helena Dalassene

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First things eternal thanks go out to[info]cenliamgordon  and my darling[info]sappersgt

I ordered a new helm from Ashcraft-Baker, and although it's a touch hard to get on and off because it's really little, Liam and I strapped it, and I wore it last night for the first time.  OMG.  What a difference it makes!  I can turn my head, because it doesn't bind up on my gorget!  I can actually see out the grill (contacts help there, too!) and it's as comfortable as I think I can expect!  Happy-ness!

Part of the happiness of the new helm is that it's fitting over my new gorget.  I'd been struggling with my gorget for a while, as it was just kind of wonky and my hair was catching on the velcro *constantly.* 

Look, I'm not that vain, but I do like my hair, and having it snapped off all the time was starting to seriously piss me off, so Liam suggested a "dog-collar" style gorget, and made one for me.  We lined it in smurf-skin, but I wasn't happy with it, so John relined it with some shearling.  Best.  Thing.  Evar.  It's warm, oddly enough, but the shearling didn't rub my neck raw and better yet, when I started sweating, the shearling didn't get slick and start to slide around like the foam padding would have but it stayed put and absorbed the sweat.

It was the coolness.

Last night was melees, and I died.  It was fun though.  A lot of fun.  :-D

So, I cut the pink caftan too small.  *facepalm*  Yes, I am running again, thank GOD, but still...cut the pink cotton caftan too small.   I figured I'd head off to JoAnn to grab some more of the apple green lining, but decided, since the home dec fabrics were on sale I'd check them out too.  Headed over to the silk section and found some silk for $17.99, and 50% off.  I thought about it, and decided I'd get the silk for a couple dollars more a yard, so I did.  The lining will still be the pink twill, but the outer shell will be a blush silk, much like the color shown here.  The silk I bought isn't the same, as it's not the same price, but the color is very very close.

So, if you're at BAM, look for the pink caftan with the white Hershey Kiss hat and that should be me.  On the other hand, you can probably find me on the melee field, too.

I think that's about all for me.  I think.  Probably not, though.

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Because I want comments on my garbing endeavours, too...

And now, garb.  I'm working on the Reconstructing History Ottoman Woman caftan, and honestly it's been a breeze to cut out.  I'm not making the gomlek because I'm running out of time, but I am doing the pink caftan.  Kass had mentioned a lime green lining and I thought that would be so amazingly, eye-bleedingly awesome that I had to try it.  :-D  I couldn't find enough of the true lime, but I did find a brilliant green.  Here, look:

Really, you can't tell how absolutely brilliant this green is and the pink looks more peachy here than it is.  It's a light rose pink with a dark apple green lining.  It's gonna be GORGEOUS!  And I found some neat variegated thread to do the top/decorative stitching with, so I'm excited!  Tonight, it gets sewn together and then we'll go from there...Pictures will be forthcoming.


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