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And be aware that when I say pictures, I mean like 20 of them.  I'm not kidding when I say this entry will eat your brain bandwidth.

These are some of the photos showing the progress of my new armor kit.  It's going to be gorgeous and I can't wait for it to be done!

You have been warned... )


Nov. 23rd, 2009 12:44 pm
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As always, Bordermarch Autum Melees (or as someone I know called it BorderMARSH Autumn Melees) was a blast. Well, one part sucked. John couldn't be there. *shakes fist at the Army*

We left out Friday, pretty much sorta kinda on time, and only had to turn back once. (Forgot feast gear and my medication.)

It was overcast as we left Austin and the rain started in earnest once we hit Taylor or so. It rained about the whole way to Colmesneil, although it was blessedly dry when we got there so we could set up our tent *not* in the rain.

That was going swimmingly...until it was discovered that we'd brought two different sizes of ridgepole supports. Normally, you like them to be of equal length. Not so much. In fact, there was about a foot of difference. YOIKES! Anyway, after much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, we settled on a solution. The shorter support pole was put on top of a toolbox and it was the perfect height.

So, that got taken care of...and Liam realized we'd forgotten to pack the crossbraces for his bed. *headdesk* So, the futon that normally goes on the frame...ended up on the ground. It wasn't too bed, as the futon kept the chill of the ground from coming up and seeping through. After that though, everything went very well.

The Best Friend of Awesomeness and Kittens and the Husband of Tall Awesomeness showed up shortly after we did.

Friday night was pretty mellow and we called it an evening rather early. The best part about Friday night? There was NO WIND. For those who were at BAM last year...yeah it wasn't anything like that. We didn't have to hold on to the tent for dear life this time.

Saturday was morning court, followed by armor inspection. I had fun in the open field battle, but once ti started raining again, I got out of armor and hung out the the Best Friend of Awesomeness and Kittens. I don't mind it being cold, but I get paid to work in the rain, and I'll be damned if I'm going to play in it. Call me a spoilsport. However, I did hear that the zombie battle was a blast, although there was at least one injury. :-(

Um. Right. Saturday night was my turn to drink a bit and after five jello shots, and a beer, I was feeling no pain. I wasn't feeling my feet either, but Liam, the Best Friend of Awesomeness and Kittens and her Husband of Tall Awesomeness kept a good hand on me. Evidently, I was not obnoxioux, just funny and cheerful and happy. Yay for drinking just enough to get happy and not enough to make an ass out of myself. Also, yay for no hangover!
Sunday, we slept in and had breakfast with the BFOAAK and the HOTA and got on road. After I got home, I went and got the puppies and life returned to normal. We unpacked the truck, and started post-event laundry.

I wish John could have been there. I missed him and I think he would have enjoyed the event.

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So, my barony had another Knight School last night.  It's not exactly a school on how to become a knight, more...a chance to get out, fight some folx who are *really* good and who you may not get a chance to fight all that often.  Basically, you fight a knight for two minutes, they give you feedback for two minutes, and then it's lather, rinse, repeat until time is called.  You do switch up knights, to get a chance to get your butt kicked fight the maximum number of times.

I was NOT looking forward to it, honestly.  Yeah, I know...great chance to learn, great chance to get instruction from some really great fighters... great chance to look like an absolute idiot on the field the horribly raw fighter I am.  My armor was a bit late showing up, and I forgot my contacts, but I got kitted out anyway, and slunk toward the field, hoping against hope that everyone would just ignore me. 

No such luck.  I'm over in a corner getting my armor on, and my favoritest baron leans over the net on one of the tennis courts, and yells at me that I'd better fight or he's going to swat me.  I look up and tell him he's going to need help, and then...he starts getting volunteers!  Gah!  You people are NOT supposed to help him!   After the fighting, he made a point to come over and tell me he was happy to see me out there.

First butt-kicking was delivered by fight was Sir Ysfael.  You can find his field knighting on my Flickr page, and honestly, he was a fun fight.  I need to find my notes again, but he talked to me about rehanging my shield and working on wraps.

Second fight was Sir Gaston.  The last time I fought Sir Gaston was miserable for me.  I'd been in armor maybe five times and he just got up in my face and would NOT back off.  It was so bad that I had refused to consider fighting him again.  Please note:  I do NOT think Gaston was trying to be a jerk.  He used a perfectly valid technique, but I did not react well.  It was in my head, not necessarily reality.  He mentioned rehaning my shield, and...I'll have to look at my notes. 

Third fight was Sir Kael.  He and I dance a bit, and he mentions....rehanging my shield.  Oh, and also that I've got good power coming in, which is a good thing in a fighter as new as I am.  Evidently, a lot of folx at my level have trouble with generating power.  He mentioned that I need to work on my range and take more shots at the pell.

Fourth fight...and the one I was literally panting in fear of...was Duke Aaron.  Don't get me wrong.  I adore Aaron.  He's a neat guy, and I love him to death.  He's just...really scary to me for some reason, at least on the field.  Off the field, I can flirt with him, tease him and he's just...Aaron.  On the's different.  Something about...oh...being my housemate's knight, and someone I really really really don't want to look like a total idiot in front of.  Don't ask me why, but I'm more worried about looking STUPID in front of him than anyone else.  Well, mostly. 

Okay fine, I am scared of looking like an IDIOT in front of most knights anybody most days.  I don't mind looking ignorant, but for some reason...Oh hell, I'm shutting up now.  I'm starting to sound like an idiot.

One of the things I overheard his Grace talking about was the guy before me just let Aaron walk up to him and whack on him. I decide I'm going to circle a bit and keep moving.  It sort of worked.  I didn't let him just waltz up to me and smack me.  He did it anyway, but he didn't just walk up and do it.  He mentioned...guess what?  Yep. Rehanging my shield.  Oh and moving my right hand because my hand is fairly vulnerable and he really doesn't want me to end up with broken fingers.  Also, as a lefty, I really need to work on wraps.

After the fight with his Grace, I called it quits as I was fighting blind and I was beginning to have trouble differentiating the sword from background clutter.

The weather had also started to turn, so we gathered in for the final circle, where the knights talk a bit about something they consider important.  Fealty, keeping a list of something, not fighting your equipment, learning from the past, having fun...stuff like that.

Honestly...I'm really glad I fought.  Really glad.  I didn't do well, but I did it. 


Feb. 19th, 2009 09:32 am
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Interestingly enough, I've been thinking about what keeps me on and off the fighting field. 

Part of what keeps me off the field is being used a slightly mobile pell for fighters who are much much *much* better than I am.  Really, that teaches me *nothing* except that SoAndSo can kick my newbie butt across the field, and really, since I can darn near count the number of times I've been in armor on both hands, is it really so surprising?

So I saw something in a post recently that basically said "There were a lot of newbie fighters at practice tonight, and I decided not to hold back, so I won a lot of fights.  I'm sure the newbies don't mind.  Much."

Really?  You're pretty sure that kicking a newbie fighter's ass because you can is okay by them?  Really? 

Wow.  That's news to me.  I understand fighting well, and not letting people just win, but not tailoring your fighting to the level of the person you're fighting?  That's bullying, in my book, and to me, it's selfish.  Again, am I saying let the newbie win so her fragile self-esteem doesn't get all bwuised up? 

No, but c'mon, if you're kicking her ass because you can, why don't you go find someone who'll actually give you a damn fight instead of just whacking on new fighters and teaching them that being a new fighter means you get to be clubbed like a baby harp seal?  For this newbie fighter, all that's going to teach me is that I should avoid SoAndSo, because I'm going to end up frustrated and pissed because not only is this person not ramping it down to a level where I might learn something about fighting, but they're *proud* of that fact.

(For those who learn best using PAL, go for it, but that's not me.)
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I'm not sure when I last updated, so I'll...heck, I have no idea where to start.

We had fighter practice Sunday, along with our first "populace."  I think I've found a design for new armor that will mean my arms are no longer going numb after 30 minutes.  Basically, in order to keep my arms in place, the strap goes across my bicep, just above the elbow and after a little while, my hands get cold and then go numb. 

I got to try on Timor's arms, and since he uses a floating elbow cop and leather forearm protection, that should help eliminate the numbness.  We'll put the splints from my old arms on the new leather.  That's good.  Also, we are thinking about adjusting where my shield hangs to give my head some more protection.

Oh, and I we're hanging some new legs, too.  Yay!  I'll finally have thigh protection.

Last night was Body Mechanics, and the knight teaching the class was pleased at how little I'd lost.  I'm still throwing with lots and lots of power, so now I just need to get in armor and get on the damn field.  Oh, and move my feets.  I have got to MOVE.

Um.  Also, have plans to sew garb.  And then, fall over.

So tired.  Have no life outside SCA stuff right now. 
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Still sick.  Getting better, but still sick.  Getting my flu shot (mist) on top of a horrible cold was not, rpt, not the best thing, but I'll survive.  My sinuses have decided that they're not making up their mind as to whether they'll be filled with goo or not, and so, I go through intermittent headachey periods where I'm *sure* my head will explode, but it never does.

Somehow, that's vaguely disappointing.  ;-)

What else?

Erm.  Starting with Monday, since that was the start of my workweek!

Monday-  Work.  Work was.  Work is.  Work will be, thank God.  In days when I know a lot of folx who are in danger of losing their job, I am profoundly grateful for mine.

Also, beginner fighter practice.  Although I did not fully armor up (see preceding note about sinuses and feeling like the south end of a north-bound mule) I did get to swing a stick a bit, and I haven't lost quite as much as I fear.  I'm still struggling to clean up and actually land my offside shots correctly, but that will come in time. 

Because I was not armored up, I was somewhat exempt from the Circle of Death, and while I did not fight, I did get a chance to put stick on armored fighters.  Basically, unarmored fighters get five swings at the armored fighters (and no, the up-armored guys do NOT get to swing back, Ioannes!). 

I managed to land two good shots in my matches, and killed Ioannes (John) but I think I also killed Abel.  Well, I got to whack upon Ioannes' legs, but that's because he reminded me in the middle of it to quit throwing the same damn shot and...oh...go low.  You know, where there was no armor!

Go me!  That was awesome. 

Tuesday-  We attempted to get a Christmas tree.  It did not happen because of the weather.  So, we returned the house, sans tree.

Wednesday-  I met with cenliamgordon at the local Home Depot and we picked up a lovely noble fir.  Sadly, because of a soldier being a jackass, John could not join us for the ritual holding of the tree, but he is pleased with the tree we picked, and he helped put it in the uber-stand.  (Between the two of us, it's still crooked.  Oh well.)

Liam's munchkins got to hang the first ornaments on it, because we didn't get it early enought to decorate it while they were at out house.  :-(  But they enjoyed hanging their ornament on it, and they'll be excited when they come back next week.

Today-  I got up, the dog grumped at me for waking her up and then got up and went to sleep with Liam.  She's a total cuddle-bug in the morning, and will cheerfully leave our bed to go find another warm body to snuggle with.  I grabbed a cuppa, put on my face and headed out.  Traffic was light, and so...I made it in to work.

Now, I have to work on a PP briefing on dealing with media for this weekend's annual briefing spree.  Yay.

Just over a week and a half until my birfday! 


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Ioannes and Helena Dalassene, Liam Gordon and The Fighting Company of Hells Gate would like to invite you to Beer, Bruises and Barbeque on Dec. 20, 2008 in Jarrell, Texas.
Although it's close to the holiday, we're holding fighter practice and a housewarming party, as well as a chance to lay stick on a Soldier on R&R from Iraq (at his request!).
Our front and back yards are big enough to go a few rounds before enjoying some cold beer and hot food with friends.  Please join us!
Where:  Helena, Ioannes and Liam's place.  Email me for directions!
Why:  It's a chance to get some stick time, have some adult beverages, and some good food.  Children are welcome!
When:  20 Dec 2008 at 12 pm, but feel free to show up later!
Please let us know if you can make it, and whether you can contribute to Beer or Barbeque.  (We're all expectiing to contribute to Bruises!)
Helena Dalassene

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What we do for fun...

Look along the row of tents in the background and find the green one.  Go down from there into the fighters and find the two black war boards right next to each other.  Ioannes is on the right, as you're looking at the photograph, and I'm on the left.

Yes, my new helm really is that tiny.  It's so comfy, though!
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One of the things that bugs me about people, and one person in particular right now, is that this person lacks...well...manners, for lack of a better word.  The person in question believes that politeness is something you reserve for...well, I'd guess almost no one. 

A rather polite email, regarding a situation that is rather delicate and fraught with emotional landmines was replied to with a couple of...short and pithy responses.  Classy.  Really, really classy. 

I mean, I'm sorry, but being rude and brusque isn't strength, it's a startling lack of it, along with lacking respect, grace and humility.  Yes, there are times when you simply must be strong, and some times when harsh language or actions are the only things that will break a situation, but unless it life or death (and yes, I mean that) why is this person's first reaction to be rude? 

Long thoughts on virtues under here... )

I am nothing more than a raw beginner, and I know not if I'll ever progress further than that, but I do try to live life by these things, in and out of armor or the Society.

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Went to Sir Giotto's baby fighter practice last night.  Second time, just as good as the first.  :-)  I'm probably more sore today than I was last time, but we worked a lot more on form and getting the body mechanics right rather than just whacking at a pell.  :-)

I got some really good solid hits on the pell last night, and with the twist in the hips, rather than using just my puny little arm muscles, I feel like I'm going to land a solid flat snap, when I finally get the chance.  Yay!  It was good for my ego to hear "Holy shit!  You're knocking pieces off the pell!!!" when one of my best shots connected.  I'm not doing so hot with the "teleportation" trick, but I'll learn, and the offside blow is going to kick my ass, but my flat snap is developing nicely.  

BTW, anyone have a jpg of the Rhoadd wheel?  I've got a friend who is thinking about kicking back into his LJ and I thought it would be nice for him to have an icon.  I'm going to do an icon for him, actually a few, but I'm having trouble locating an actual image of the wheel.

So...that was my night.  I'm sure I'll have more to say later.

OH!  Am going to teach The Centurion a bit about sewing.  That's a scary thought.  Not because of him, mind you.  Because he's looking at *me* to teach him anything!

The first thing I have to do is teach him to SLOW DOWN.  Yes, your machine can reach warp speed, but the fabric is much harder to control and you'll be unhappy with the results!  Oh, and hand basting is your friend.  Yes, it takes a bit longer than pins, but really, the seams look so much better!  We're going to work on a cote for him for the Baronial at the end of October.  Have to see how it comes out, since I'd like to make one, too.  Oh, need to find a sleeve pattern! 

Okay, I'm about done for the moment.  I think.  Yeah...I am.

EDIT:  Nope, I'm not.  I got some copper silk dupioni, and after washing it and drying it and ironing it, I'm still not sure what I want to make!  (Yes, I washed, dried and ironed silk.  Because I refuse to make anything other than a coronation outfit [hahahahahahahahahahah!  *wheeze*  Ahahahahahahaha!!!!] that I can't chuck in the washer, pretty much.) 

It still looks lovely and still drapes well, with that characteristic silk rustle, but I'm not sure if I want to save it, find something to line it with to make a winter cotehardie, or if I want to make an over-tunic out of it.  It's going to have to be lined, no matter what I do with it, because it's just really light, but stil...what to do, what to do?

Also, I got John's black coat hemmed, finally!  We're attending the Browncoat Ball, and so, will be doing a sort of trial run of the Browncoat costumes at FenCon.  I'll be in my fancy browncoat, while John, a bit of a dandy, will be in his Core Worlds getup.  :-)  I need to add some fabric paint to the black coat to shine it up some, and snaps, and it will be done.  Go me.
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Got in yesterday, after basically being in the field for the better part of a month and a half.


However, I have picked up groceries (John's only guidance on this was "Pick up one of everything."  Thanks, honey.) and picked up the cup hilts for swords.  Because one of them was a birthday present for The Centurion, I decided to do something a bit differently.  His hilt has the knightly virtues engraved on it, along with the word "fun" right where he'll see it when he looks down.  It's a reminder that, under all the other things, this game is supposed to be fun.

Mine has a Clausewitz quote on it.  "Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior."

I'm very pleased with them, and the master engraver who did them did a wonderful job.

Now, to go sort fabric, leather and such, and get ready for armor work and sewing this weekend.  Yay!!!!

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Unless something really bizarre happens, I will not be at Gothic War.  I am glad as hell I did not spend the money for plane tickets to Atlanta.

I am on recall for state active duty orders, in preparation for Hurricane Gustav.  I am guessing this prep is so that we do not leave Texas citizens in the lurch and so that we can respond quickly and appropriately to any landfall of this storm.

That does not, however, mean that I am not pissed as hell.  I understand this is part of my job, but the next person who mentions it to me is going to get an Army retention coffee cup in an uncomfortable and intimate place.  Do not tell me I signed up for this.  I know that, however it does not mitigate the fact that I still would like to have a damn life and it doesn't actually make me feel any better.


Aug. 27th, 2008 06:14 am
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I finally did it.  

I am now an authorized heavy fighter for the Barony of Bryn Gwylad.  To say that it was a bit hard for me is an understatement of the highest order.  However, I needed to get out and do it, to push myself forward along this path I want to be on.  I also did not want to disappoint my darling sappersgt or The Centurion.

So, there we have it.  See you at Gothic, provided Gustav holds off for a few days. 


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