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Brain has gone asplodey again.

I'm stuck on some of the upcoming projects, and with a four day drill this weekend, I'm not gonna get as much done as I wanted to.  Oh well, it's not like I need to sleep...

I've found the basis for the eagle, as well as the two heads, I think.  I'll use papier mache eggs as a mold, with wire armatures for the wings and necks.

I'm going to use a two-liter Coke bottle as the mold for Liam's lady, since it'll have that hourglass shape.  I'll cut the back of the bottle out, so the back is smooth, but I think that'll work pretty well.  She'll be in a black and gold cote and sideless surcote that will trail out to his mantle, I hope, so it's not like I've got nothing to do!

I've started laying out the letters of intent and think *maybe* I might be going a wee bit overboard.  Nah.  John's is actually pretty easy, the Greek aside, and Liam's will just take a while to lay out, more so than paint.  John's will be a dome, with the Greek lettering in three columns under the dome, and Liam's is a take off from the Manesse Codex, with a knight and a rose tree that forms the border.  We'll see how they turn out.
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This is a recap post, and crossposted to [ profile] gardening

We've been doing some work on the front yard lately, and I wanted to crow about it.  It's not as awesome as some of y'all's gardens but considering what we started with, I'm please as can be!
This is what we started with: BORING!!!!

Progress... )
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Between fighter practice on Tuesday and stump pulling yesterday and today, I am one sore chick.

But!  I'm so happy about what we're doing that it's not funny.  Poor Liam is going to have to deal with all this new stuff when we're gone different places, but ooooooh!  It looks sooooo shiny!

Lemme show you!

This is what the front of the house used to look like:

Icky grass, UGLY hedges, and not a flower in sight...

Well, this is what it looks like now (or at least for the next few hours...then there will be MOAR stuff!):

Tomorrow, the last of the ugly shrubs are going to be pulled up and more roses put in, I think.  There will be climbing roses on the columns of the front porch, and another climber on the wall next to the established climber.  Tomorrow, we finish putting in the roses, re-lay the soaker hose and and take shameless advantage of the city's free mulch program.

The front of the house look SO much more inviting, already.  Granted, we're going to have to learn to take care of roses, but I think we can do that.  I've already found a great feeder/insect control/disease control solution from Bayer, so I'm thrilled with how it's all turning out.
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And be aware that when I say pictures, I mean like 20 of them.  I'm not kidding when I say this entry will eat your brain bandwidth.

These are some of the photos showing the progress of my new armor kit.  It's going to be gorgeous and I can't wait for it to be done!

You have been warned... )


Jan. 9th, 2011 08:14 am
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These are pictures of the first red tunic, and the start of the second one.

They're AWFUL, but they'll give you an idea.

It's not quite so orange IRL, but it is BRIGHT!  You can barely see the detail on the facing, but I'll update when I have better pictures.

The following pictures are the start of the second tunic.  This is the facing that goes around the collar.  I usually do a double facing, and turn it from the inside out, so that the neckline is totally enclosed and neat.  One, it looks better to me, and two, it avoids the neckline rubbing an exposed seam on Ioannes's neck.

You can see the word "TOP" in one shot,  That's to remind me which side is the top side, or rather, which one will be seen on the outside of the tunic.

And a bit closer.  Not that you can see anything.

And so...

Nov. 27th, 2010 11:48 am
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The living room floors are coming along nicely.  My hands are fairly blistered, but those heal.

The darker floors are going to help with the fact that all of the walls soar to the second story and the space is...HUGE.
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Yes, I know...there's something wrong with me.  Really, really wrong.

So, that's what it looks like now.  :-)  I'm pretty happy, although if I did it again, I'd probably go with a brighter pink so the grey keys aren't quite so mauve.  Oh well, I'm happy.
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Well, the scroll is in Oklahoma by now, and I'm biting my nails to the quick with nerves.

This is the final product.  I can see almost nothing but what's wrong with it, but for a first effort, I'm happy.  I need to work on smoothing out my color, a LOT.



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When you finally dig out from The Pit, it's amazing how blue the sky really is.

The past few months have been hard.  For me, for John, for Liam, for Amalia...for everyone.  I was stuck at the bottom of The Pit, and coudln't find my way out, and honestly...I didn't really care.  I was lackadaisical about taking my meds, wasn't eating well, wasn't taking good care of myself and basically...just existing, not really living.

Well, things are getting better.  I'm back on medication, I'm eating better, I'm taking better care of myself, and taking vitamins.  (I totally blame Amalia for all this hippie shit, like eating better and taking vitamins and stuff.  It's SO totally her fault.)  I feel better than I have in a while, and I like it.  I *love* feeling like me again.  I love having a weird sense of humor, having focus, having appropriate responses, instead of being all over the map.  I love feeling like I'm able to get stuff done, instead of pushing it off to the side, in order to avoid thinking about it.  I like knowing that there's something going on in my head other than "get through today.   Don't even *think* about tomorrow."

Damn, but this is good.

And to my friends and family...thank you.  Thank you for putting up with me, for encouraging me, for holding me when I cried.
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I've had a good few days.  One of the best parts was getting to talk to John twice in four days!  Yay!  He's got a cell phone in Afghanistan, but it's upwards of three dollars a minute for me to call him, so calls are still going to be pretty limited, but at least he's able to call when he gets a spare minute instead of having to wait until he can get to the call center on the other side of the camp.

Let's see-  Friday I noodled around a bit, then took off for Ft. Worth to see Amalia, the Best Friend of Awesomeness and Kittens.  Yay!  (And yes, for all you smart-alecs, I do happen to like going up to Ft. Worth, although I really need to schedule in some time to get over to the Dallas side of the area!)

Got to meet Amalia's mom, and I really enjoyed that.  She's a neat lady.  :-)

We spent most of that afternoon getting Amalia ready to show int the Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition.  Basically, getting stuff printed, doing a bit of copy-editing, and bagging it all up so we didn't forget anything.  By the end of the night, it was feeling a bit like school, pushing to get a big project done, and being a bit punchy by the end of it all.  :-)    However, I must say it was time well spent (including making Egghead the Dress Dummy look right) because we didn't forget *anything* and even brought stuff we thought we might need, but weren't sure about, and it was nice to know we were ready for anything!

Saturday was The Big Day.  We got off to a bit later start than we wanted to, due to problems getting pictures printed.  I finally convinced Amalia that we didn't have the time to stop at one more place to try, and I'm really glad she agreed, because we got to the site with about half an hour to spare before they kicked everyone out of the room to start judging.  We set everything up, make it look pretty and then...skedaddled!

I wandered over to another building to help set up for the Princess Tea, and had a good time with that.  I didn't stay, as I'm not a cadet (I got grumped at for that later, too), but I heard lots of good things about it.  I also heard some good news regarding a couple of friends who have been having a bit of a rough spot lately, and I'm happy about it.  They're good people.

After that, I headed back to the judging area, to sit and wait and wait and sit for the results.  We hung out and chatted, I watched a bit of the youth chivalric tourney, and then...bum bum bum!  It was time to head back in and ogle all the displays as well as get judging sheets back.  Amalia did amazingly well!  I'm so proud that I'll be helping her put it all together again to show at Gulf Wars!  Honestly, her dress is AMAZING, and you should totally come by and pet it.  (Make sure your hands are clean, please!)  Silk velvet  I could SO get naked and roll around on the dress and then, die happy.

We got out of the hall about 1930, and headed off to grab dinner with some friends.  If you're in Athens, Texas, do yourself a favor and AVOID Mazzio's.  The food, when it finally showed up, was good, but the salad bar was disgusting, my pasta didn't come with the chicken I ordered and the restrooms were horrific.  (I mean, so bad that we decided to skip them in favor of a gas station.)

It was close to midnight when we finally got in, and I passed out until about 0800 Sunday morning.  We noodled about, cleaned up a bit for a client that came by, had dinner and I, sadly, had to take off for home.  Liam had left for Houston earlier in the afternoon, so the puppies tried to tell me they'd been crated for YEARS by the time I got in (lying puppies lie.).  He'd gone to work on some new armor, and pick up...a trailer!  Yay!  We're now the proud owners of a one-horse enclosed trailer.  It's in need of a good scrubbing, but other than that, it looks great and will be wonderful for our needs.

I've got two cotes almost done, and hope to have them completed (except buttons and buttonholes) by Sunday.  Amalia is going to come spend Saturday evening with me, so that I can get these finished and I'm happy about that.  It's so much easier to do them when she's around because I can pick her brain about what I'm doing.  I also love my sewing guides!  The Vogue book is so freakin' awesome for when I do get stuck.  It's not as MUCH help when I'm sewing SCA stuff, but good technique is good technique...

Liam got home with the trailer, and John called shortly thereafter, so it was an AWESOME night all over.  :-)  We watched an episode of Farscape and then hit the rack.  I don't want to talk about how badly I overslept this morning, though...
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These are only two pix of the projects we've been working on.

The first is a shot of the shirts I made for Sir Giotto, in exchange for some ceramic ware for eating.


The second is an entari Liam and I are working on together.  (He's doing 99% of the work on it, I'm just pressing and embellishing.)  The pattern on the fabric isn't quite right, but it's a stash entari, so I'm happy with it.  It's also black and gold, so it's going to look fabulous!


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