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Because that's a good place to start.

This weekend was Her Stellar Majesty Queen Amelot Lisette de Blamont's Queen's Champion and Guardian of the Queen's Hope Tournaments.  The Stronghold of Hellsgate hosted the event and evidently, we did well.

The event was held on Camp Mabry, in the camping area and the site was declared a winner by just about all and sundry.  There was a charity race being held on post the same morning, so we had a bit of a SNAFU with the traffic situation and road closure, but overall?  It went really well.  The gate guards were polite, professional and got our folks through the gate with little to no hassle. 

I did the site tokens, and they were pretty well received I think.  Basically, I copied a page from a German fencing manual, then copied that painting with some quotes, to make bookmarks.  The originals were framed for HRM, as her site token.

I also ended up with waterbearing, not that I minded.  It just kinda slipped Liam's mind, and so I grabbed it.  Sara and Ghilean helped like crazy, though, so I appreciated them manning the table when I couldn't or was off being a social butterfly.

Overall?  OMG great event.  Exhausting, but fun, and everyeone seemed to have a good time.  I also made the Queen cry, first thing in the morning, so I count that as a win.  (They have all go to invest heavily in waterproof makeup.)

Uh.  Other than that, not much else going on.  Tired and sore from the weekend, but back at work and trucking along.

This weekend coming up is a quiet weekend, and then next weekend is 3 Whosiwhatsis, where I WILL be fighting.  In fact, I've got ONE scroll lined up for Gulf Wars, and that's IT for a while.  I'd like to concentrate on my fighting, and get at least some of the rust knocked off before I take on another commission, so I'm going to tie my hands to my knees so they don't float up any more.
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Brain has gone asplodey again.

I'm stuck on some of the upcoming projects, and with a four day drill this weekend, I'm not gonna get as much done as I wanted to.  Oh well, it's not like I need to sleep...

I've found the basis for the eagle, as well as the two heads, I think.  I'll use papier mache eggs as a mold, with wire armatures for the wings and necks.

I'm going to use a two-liter Coke bottle as the mold for Liam's lady, since it'll have that hourglass shape.  I'll cut the back of the bottle out, so the back is smooth, but I think that'll work pretty well.  She'll be in a black and gold cote and sideless surcote that will trail out to his mantle, I hope, so it's not like I've got nothing to do!

I've started laying out the letters of intent and think *maybe* I might be going a wee bit overboard.  Nah.  John's is actually pretty easy, the Greek aside, and Liam's will just take a while to lay out, more so than paint.  John's will be a dome, with the Greek lettering in three columns under the dome, and Liam's is a take off from the Manesse Codex, with a knight and a rose tree that forms the border.  We'll see how they turn out.
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This is a recap post, and crossposted to [ profile] gardening

We've been doing some work on the front yard lately, and I wanted to crow about it.  It's not as awesome as some of y'all's gardens but considering what we started with, I'm please as can be!
This is what we started with: BORING!!!!

Progress... )
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Between fighter practice on Tuesday and stump pulling yesterday and today, I am one sore chick.

But!  I'm so happy about what we're doing that it's not funny.  Poor Liam is going to have to deal with all this new stuff when we're gone different places, but ooooooh!  It looks sooooo shiny!

Lemme show you!

This is what the front of the house used to look like:

Icky grass, UGLY hedges, and not a flower in sight...

Well, this is what it looks like now (or at least for the next few hours...then there will be MOAR stuff!):

Tomorrow, the last of the ugly shrubs are going to be pulled up and more roses put in, I think.  There will be climbing roses on the columns of the front porch, and another climber on the wall next to the established climber.  Tomorrow, we finish putting in the roses, re-lay the soaker hose and and take shameless advantage of the city's free mulch program.

The front of the house look SO much more inviting, already.  Granted, we're going to have to learn to take care of roses, but I think we can do that.  I've already found a great feeder/insect control/disease control solution from Bayer, so I'm thrilled with how it's all turning out.
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I got for Christmas. This one:

and I'm finally out and about on it a bit.  I'm nervous as hell, lemme tell you.  NERVOUS.  She's bigger than my last bike, and has a fair amount of power, but I love her.  (Her name's Rook, in case anyone wants to know.)

(God, this is sooooooo disjointed.)

I've taken the basic rider's course, and did pretty well.  Slow speed stuff makes me wibbly, but I'm getting better.  I took her to the gas station to fill up and got in and out okay, although it took me a lot longer than it should have to actually feel like I had enough room to make the turn, and the subsequent right hand turn to get home. 

Liam has been out riding with me, and we've got headsets, so he's been wonderful about keeping me focused and steady.  :-)

The only thing that makes me nervous is that he's a much better rider than I am and he's way more comfy on his bike.  See:  Much better rider.  :-)  He's apologized for seeming like a hard ass about getting me out and around, and if I feel like he's pushing me to go faster or on bigger roads than I feel ready for, I'm supposed to tell him. 

This is going to become my commuter bike, although that's a bit off in the future.  Getting to work is one thing, since traffic is pretty light at 0600, but 1630 is a whole different animal and the idea of stop and go on an overpass makes me want to barf. 

Headsets are charging, and we'll be heading out again after dinner to make the inner loop, and whatnot.  We'll see how it goes.
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And be aware that when I say pictures, I mean like 20 of them.  I'm not kidding when I say this entry will eat your brain bandwidth.

These are some of the photos showing the progress of my new armor kit.  It's going to be gorgeous and I can't wait for it to be done!

You have been warned... )

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So, I went to see my doctor on Thursday.  I needed a refill on my meds, and she put me back on a med I'd stopped taking.  It's a great drug, and I love being on it.  The reasons I went off are myriad and not really for public consumption, but let's just say...I have been taking it for four days and I can tell it's building up in my blood.  I'm focused and productive.  (In fact, I'm about to go upstairs and be *more* productive!)

I've started to want to wear makeup again, and have finally taken a good look at the ick that my depression has caused around the house. 

Damn, where the hell have I been the past few months?????

The NYE Pajama Party was a win.  TOTAL and utter win.  We watched Despicable Me, and Incredibles, and had a blast.  I was so lucky to have [ profile] pancua , [ profile] perilousknits , [ profile] cenliamgordon , and the rest of our friends around to ring in a year that is going to freakin' ROCK.  IF you weren't there, we missed you!  If possible, this will become a tradition.  (Wheeee!  New jammies every year!)

I've gotten good news on the homecoming front, although I won't say much past that. 

Oh, I'm working on de-stashing the icky fabrics from my sewing room and getting it organized up there.  I need to sew.  Badly.  Really badly.

Uh.  That's all for me right now.  I'm going to go find a snack and then go clean up the sewing room.

And so...

Nov. 27th, 2010 11:48 am
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The living room floors are coming along nicely.  My hands are fairly blistered, but those heal.

The darker floors are going to help with the fact that all of the walls soar to the second story and the space is...HUGE.
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(Yes, I really am this excitable in real life, too.)
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is there anything more fun than writing award recs???
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Yes, I know...there's something wrong with me.  Really, really wrong.

So, that's what it looks like now.  :-)  I'm pretty happy, although if I did it again, I'd probably go with a brighter pink so the grey keys aren't quite so mauve.  Oh well, I'm happy.


Jul. 18th, 2010 02:08 pm
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I can't begin to express how lucky I really am.  Even through chat, my husband cracks me up.

Other people I cherish make me smile and laugh in text, on the phone, or through email. 

The amount of laughter in my life amazes me.  I'm surrounded by it, and I am so beyond happy that some times it scares me.

Blessings, I has them.
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First and foremost, Christ is Risen!

All in all, it's been a good weekend. 

I'm feeling MUCH better, and think that I've mostly kicked the crud I picked up after GW in the butt. 

Friday, we committed gardening, and got a section of lawn sheet mulched and planted with stuff.  Mostly some pink-flowering plants Liam's little boy picked out, a white-flowering plant his little girl picked out, the Peace rose that followed me home from Lowe's, and some Asiatic lilies that I was going to plant by the door, until Liam noticed they needed full sun, not part sun.  Whoops.  So, that area's just mulched and I'll figure out something to put there.

Saturday, we headed to the Leander VFW (I'm now a member) for an Easter egg hunt.  They had 3000 eggs, but really, the kids didn't manage to get many at all, because the bigger kids were faster and, well...meaner isn't quite right, but it's close.  So, Liam snuck out to MalWart and got eggs, jelly beans and robin's egg candies for an egg hunt here this morning.  :-)

Last night was Pascha, and I'm not terribly happy with the pictures I took this year, although I'll post some of them under a cut so John can see.  I staggered in about 0400 and slept until right around 0800.  Got up, wandered around a bit and Liam kicked my butt back to bed so I could nap some more. The second best part of the night?  John called and we chatted the entire way home! 

After I was finally upright, and had some coffee, I made arrangements with Deane (John's best friend, who is home on R&R from Iraq) to see Clash of the Titans.  Honestly, I wasn't expecting high art (c'mon, have you seen the original?), and it was fun.  It was pretty much every great role-playing game I've been in wrapped up in one package. 

(For those of you who don't game, the next paragraph can be summed up as "dork dork dork.")

We had the Great Big Antagonist, the Reluctant Hero, the Plucky Sidekicks (who die), the Plucky Sidekicks (who come back to save your ass), the Bodacious Chick, and the Exotic Mount.  Also, see Giant Creepy Monsters, and Freaky Cultists.  There was a cute nod to the original, although I was kind of disappointed they didn't do more with it.  There were some WTF moments, and some amazing logic roll fails, as well as some total natural 20s in the combat scenes.  Also, pls to be explaining Greek gods in Gothic plate armor?  (Whoever shines Zeus's  I don't wanna know how many points they've dropped into "art- polishing."

Sadly, Deane has to head back to the sandbox tomorrow, so that sucks.  He's where I'm heading, so I'm hoping to see him again soon.  (Well, I'd really rather we both be in the area, rather than both in Iraq, but hey, I'll take small victories where I can find them.)

Now, I'm about to go crawl into bed.  Tomorrow is coming up faster than I want it to!
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I've had a good few days.  One of the best parts was getting to talk to John twice in four days!  Yay!  He's got a cell phone in Afghanistan, but it's upwards of three dollars a minute for me to call him, so calls are still going to be pretty limited, but at least he's able to call when he gets a spare minute instead of having to wait until he can get to the call center on the other side of the camp.

Let's see-  Friday I noodled around a bit, then took off for Ft. Worth to see Amalia, the Best Friend of Awesomeness and Kittens.  Yay!  (And yes, for all you smart-alecs, I do happen to like going up to Ft. Worth, although I really need to schedule in some time to get over to the Dallas side of the area!)

Got to meet Amalia's mom, and I really enjoyed that.  She's a neat lady.  :-)

We spent most of that afternoon getting Amalia ready to show int the Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition.  Basically, getting stuff printed, doing a bit of copy-editing, and bagging it all up so we didn't forget anything.  By the end of the night, it was feeling a bit like school, pushing to get a big project done, and being a bit punchy by the end of it all.  :-)    However, I must say it was time well spent (including making Egghead the Dress Dummy look right) because we didn't forget *anything* and even brought stuff we thought we might need, but weren't sure about, and it was nice to know we were ready for anything!

Saturday was The Big Day.  We got off to a bit later start than we wanted to, due to problems getting pictures printed.  I finally convinced Amalia that we didn't have the time to stop at one more place to try, and I'm really glad she agreed, because we got to the site with about half an hour to spare before they kicked everyone out of the room to start judging.  We set everything up, make it look pretty and then...skedaddled!

I wandered over to another building to help set up for the Princess Tea, and had a good time with that.  I didn't stay, as I'm not a cadet (I got grumped at for that later, too), but I heard lots of good things about it.  I also heard some good news regarding a couple of friends who have been having a bit of a rough spot lately, and I'm happy about it.  They're good people.

After that, I headed back to the judging area, to sit and wait and wait and sit for the results.  We hung out and chatted, I watched a bit of the youth chivalric tourney, and then...bum bum bum!  It was time to head back in and ogle all the displays as well as get judging sheets back.  Amalia did amazingly well!  I'm so proud that I'll be helping her put it all together again to show at Gulf Wars!  Honestly, her dress is AMAZING, and you should totally come by and pet it.  (Make sure your hands are clean, please!)  Silk velvet  I could SO get naked and roll around on the dress and then, die happy.

We got out of the hall about 1930, and headed off to grab dinner with some friends.  If you're in Athens, Texas, do yourself a favor and AVOID Mazzio's.  The food, when it finally showed up, was good, but the salad bar was disgusting, my pasta didn't come with the chicken I ordered and the restrooms were horrific.  (I mean, so bad that we decided to skip them in favor of a gas station.)

It was close to midnight when we finally got in, and I passed out until about 0800 Sunday morning.  We noodled about, cleaned up a bit for a client that came by, had dinner and I, sadly, had to take off for home.  Liam had left for Houston earlier in the afternoon, so the puppies tried to tell me they'd been crated for YEARS by the time I got in (lying puppies lie.).  He'd gone to work on some new armor, and pick up...a trailer!  Yay!  We're now the proud owners of a one-horse enclosed trailer.  It's in need of a good scrubbing, but other than that, it looks great and will be wonderful for our needs.

I've got two cotes almost done, and hope to have them completed (except buttons and buttonholes) by Sunday.  Amalia is going to come spend Saturday evening with me, so that I can get these finished and I'm happy about that.  It's so much easier to do them when she's around because I can pick her brain about what I'm doing.  I also love my sewing guides!  The Vogue book is so freakin' awesome for when I do get stuck.  It's not as MUCH help when I'm sewing SCA stuff, but good technique is good technique...

Liam got home with the trailer, and John called shortly thereafter, so it was an AWESOME night all over.  :-)  We watched an episode of Farscape and then hit the rack.  I don't want to talk about how badly I overslept this morning, though...
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Tomorrow, I will be up to my eyeballs in turkey, family and friends, so I'm going take a moment today to say how thankful I am for my life. I have a wonderful, loving family, the best friends I could ask for, a stable job, and a new house. My dogs are pretty awesome (even horrible little rat dogs that steal sandwiches off desks...) and I am so incredibly blessed.

Tell me what you're grateful for?


Nov. 23rd, 2009 12:44 pm
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As always, Bordermarch Autum Melees (or as someone I know called it BorderMARSH Autumn Melees) was a blast. Well, one part sucked. John couldn't be there. *shakes fist at the Army*

We left out Friday, pretty much sorta kinda on time, and only had to turn back once. (Forgot feast gear and my medication.)

It was overcast as we left Austin and the rain started in earnest once we hit Taylor or so. It rained about the whole way to Colmesneil, although it was blessedly dry when we got there so we could set up our tent *not* in the rain.

That was going swimmingly...until it was discovered that we'd brought two different sizes of ridgepole supports. Normally, you like them to be of equal length. Not so much. In fact, there was about a foot of difference. YOIKES! Anyway, after much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, we settled on a solution. The shorter support pole was put on top of a toolbox and it was the perfect height.

So, that got taken care of...and Liam realized we'd forgotten to pack the crossbraces for his bed. *headdesk* So, the futon that normally goes on the frame...ended up on the ground. It wasn't too bed, as the futon kept the chill of the ground from coming up and seeping through. After that though, everything went very well.

The Best Friend of Awesomeness and Kittens and the Husband of Tall Awesomeness showed up shortly after we did.

Friday night was pretty mellow and we called it an evening rather early. The best part about Friday night? There was NO WIND. For those who were at BAM last year...yeah it wasn't anything like that. We didn't have to hold on to the tent for dear life this time.

Saturday was morning court, followed by armor inspection. I had fun in the open field battle, but once ti started raining again, I got out of armor and hung out the the Best Friend of Awesomeness and Kittens. I don't mind it being cold, but I get paid to work in the rain, and I'll be damned if I'm going to play in it. Call me a spoilsport. However, I did hear that the zombie battle was a blast, although there was at least one injury. :-(

Um. Right. Saturday night was my turn to drink a bit and after five jello shots, and a beer, I was feeling no pain. I wasn't feeling my feet either, but Liam, the Best Friend of Awesomeness and Kittens and her Husband of Tall Awesomeness kept a good hand on me. Evidently, I was not obnoxioux, just funny and cheerful and happy. Yay for drinking just enough to get happy and not enough to make an ass out of myself. Also, yay for no hangover!
Sunday, we slept in and had breakfast with the BFOAAK and the HOTA and got on road. After I got home, I went and got the puppies and life returned to normal. We unpacked the truck, and started post-event laundry.

I wish John could have been there. I missed him and I think he would have enjoyed the event.

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You all know, probably more than half of you want to, that I play in the SCA.

I was blessed to know our recent Queen and King, even just a little bit through LJ, and they were both gracious enough to allow me to help in small ways by being on entourage.   I wasn't able to help as much as I would have liked, but I am SO grateful that I was allowed to help, even a little bit.

I cannot begin to tell you how much just seeing that little teeny tiny bit of work the Crowns do makes me appreciate them even more. 

Yes, they rule because we let them, but honestly, they work damn hard at what they do.  To be fair, to be gracious, to be the ideals we all strive to emulate.

I won't say they weren't human, for that would be damning them both with faint praise.  No, they were human, with all the attendant joys, and sadnesses, frictions and emotions that come with the courtesies and pleasantries of being Crown.  They were both regal, beautiful, gentle, fierce and always, always, full of love for their Kingdom.  We are so blessed to have this be our tradition of Royalty in the SCA, and in Ansteorra.  This is what I have "grown up" with in the SCA, this is what I've come to expect, and I am so grateful to have such an ideal to look up to, no matter how short I may fall. 

Thank you, all of you, for the part you play in the Dream we share, and to our recent King and Queen, Vivat!  To our current Crowns, may You have a wonderful reign! 

We did it!

Oct. 22nd, 2009 01:06 pm
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We are now homeowners!


I'm still slightly croggled that this is my life.  It's just too awesome.

I'll get some pictures tomorrow.  Since we don't fund until tomorrow, we won't pick up keys until then, but after that, it's on, baby!


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Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE being married.  I adore being in the relationship I'm in, ups and downs and crazy turns along the way, but you know what?  It's not a Disney movie, where everything is wonderful all the time, and the only adversity is the scheming stepmother.

And actually, most of the time the Hollywood idea of "twoo wuv" pisses me off six ways to Sunday.  It's not only unrealistic, it slights those of us who realize that really, relationships and marriages take work.  It's fun work, but it's bloody hard work too.  It's realizing that your partner, really, isn't PERFECT.  Oh, and neither are you.

The best you can hope for is to be perfect for EACH OTHER.  Yeah, trust me, my beloved has habits that drive me insane.  He's got habits that routinely cause me to grind my teeth and kick his shoes out of my way.  I know I've got habits that drive him straight up the nearest wall.  (There's a reason I'm trying to use a lot of stash up here lately...he's good about my compulsive fabric whorishness hoarding stockpiling buying, but the man does have a limit.  He isn't complaining, just wondering when we're opening the fabric store....)  I tend to leave the kitchen a disaster after cooking, and he just grits his teeth and cleans it all up.

The thing is, though, that we're perfect for each other.  We crack each other up, hold each other when we cry, and lean on each other when we need to.  We've even worked out a system to allow us to have meltdowns.  (If one of us is having a meltdown, the other MUST hold it together.  Then, that person gets to melt down.  It works for us.)  

Attack Laurel's latest post about relationships is totally worth a read.  You should go check it out.  I'll probably rant more about this later today, as the mood strikes me.

ETA:  After thinking about it, one of the things that I mentioned earlier, the fact that a relationship takes work, is almost totally glossed over by Hollywood.  There are few movies, animated or otherwise, that show the work that every party in a relationship must put in if it's to last more than a few weeks or months, or perhaps short miserable years.  Yes, I said work.  No, most relationships aren't those wonderful breezy things that you just fall into and everything is sparkly and perfect forever and ever and ever...

I'll admit, I was lucky.  My relationship, while it does take work, probably takes a lot less than it seems like it should.  We did *click* and we both knew this was right, but we still had to work the kinks of living wth each other out.  Let me tell you, unpacking after our first PCS together experience. 

I learned that John is a "Get rid of all the boxes NOW!" type, while I'm a "We'll get to it when we get to it," type.  After seeing how miserable it made him to be stranded in a sea of boxes, we did it his way.  It was work to figure out if arguing over the pace of sorting through boxes was worth the heartache, and the fact was, it's not a hill I'm willing to die on. 

So that's a huge part of my beef with Hollywood romance.  It's too easy, too perfect and too quick to fail in the real world.


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