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Brain has gone asplodey again.

I'm stuck on some of the upcoming projects, and with a four day drill this weekend, I'm not gonna get as much done as I wanted to.  Oh well, it's not like I need to sleep...

I've found the basis for the eagle, as well as the two heads, I think.  I'll use papier mache eggs as a mold, with wire armatures for the wings and necks.

I'm going to use a two-liter Coke bottle as the mold for Liam's lady, since it'll have that hourglass shape.  I'll cut the back of the bottle out, so the back is smooth, but I think that'll work pretty well.  She'll be in a black and gold cote and sideless surcote that will trail out to his mantle, I hope, so it's not like I've got nothing to do!

I've started laying out the letters of intent and think *maybe* I might be going a wee bit overboard.  Nah.  John's is actually pretty easy, the Greek aside, and Liam's will just take a while to lay out, more so than paint.  John's will be a dome, with the Greek lettering in three columns under the dome, and Liam's is a take off from the Manesse Codex, with a knight and a rose tree that forms the border.  We'll see how they turn out.
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I got for Christmas. This one:

and I'm finally out and about on it a bit.  I'm nervous as hell, lemme tell you.  NERVOUS.  She's bigger than my last bike, and has a fair amount of power, but I love her.  (Her name's Rook, in case anyone wants to know.)

(God, this is sooooooo disjointed.)

I've taken the basic rider's course, and did pretty well.  Slow speed stuff makes me wibbly, but I'm getting better.  I took her to the gas station to fill up and got in and out okay, although it took me a lot longer than it should have to actually feel like I had enough room to make the turn, and the subsequent right hand turn to get home. 

Liam has been out riding with me, and we've got headsets, so he's been wonderful about keeping me focused and steady.  :-)

The only thing that makes me nervous is that he's a much better rider than I am and he's way more comfy on his bike.  See:  Much better rider.  :-)  He's apologized for seeming like a hard ass about getting me out and around, and if I feel like he's pushing me to go faster or on bigger roads than I feel ready for, I'm supposed to tell him. 

This is going to become my commuter bike, although that's a bit off in the future.  Getting to work is one thing, since traffic is pretty light at 0600, but 1630 is a whole different animal and the idea of stop and go on an overpass makes me want to barf. 

Headsets are charging, and we'll be heading out again after dinner to make the inner loop, and whatnot.  We'll see how it goes.
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I'd like to know where Winston is, but even if I could stand to ask, he'd just lie to me.  All he ever did was lie.  There are days when I'm still amazed I was SO stupid, and fell for his bullshit.


:-P  Some times, I learn really really slowly.  He was one of those times.

Have I *ever* mentioned how much John's honestly played into why I fell in love with him?

ETA-  Winston is the dog.  The ex is the one who lies.  ;-)
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Well, it doesn't really matter what I wish.  It can't happen, so what's it matter?


Feb. 19th, 2009 09:32 am
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Interestingly enough, I've been thinking about what keeps me on and off the fighting field. 

Part of what keeps me off the field is being used a slightly mobile pell for fighters who are much much *much* better than I am.  Really, that teaches me *nothing* except that SoAndSo can kick my newbie butt across the field, and really, since I can darn near count the number of times I've been in armor on both hands, is it really so surprising?

So I saw something in a post recently that basically said "There were a lot of newbie fighters at practice tonight, and I decided not to hold back, so I won a lot of fights.  I'm sure the newbies don't mind.  Much."

Really?  You're pretty sure that kicking a newbie fighter's ass because you can is okay by them?  Really? 

Wow.  That's news to me.  I understand fighting well, and not letting people just win, but not tailoring your fighting to the level of the person you're fighting?  That's bullying, in my book, and to me, it's selfish.  Again, am I saying let the newbie win so her fragile self-esteem doesn't get all bwuised up? 

No, but c'mon, if you're kicking her ass because you can, why don't you go find someone who'll actually give you a damn fight instead of just whacking on new fighters and teaching them that being a new fighter means you get to be clubbed like a baby harp seal?  For this newbie fighter, all that's going to teach me is that I should avoid SoAndSo, because I'm going to end up frustrated and pissed because not only is this person not ramping it down to a level where I might learn something about fighting, but they're *proud* of that fact.

(For those who learn best using PAL, go for it, but that's not me.)
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I read about people putting stuff together in two days and I wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong.  For me, even an easy project is at least a couple of days, and usually weeks. 

However, I did FINALLY get the serger working last night, and get the sleeves put together.  Now, I'm going to put the lining and the body of the cote together and see what it all looks like.  Then, I'll see about making a few more. 


Not sure what other fabrics I'm going to use, but I'm sure I'll find something.  Cotton twill would be nice and I do have some lovely silk, but I need to make sure that's back with a very very strong lining fabric to take most of the stress off the silk.  The cote is very fitted, and it has to be to support the breasts, but I'm worried that the silk will just shred if it's not back with something very stable.  Not heavy, necessarily, but stable.  Just something very tightly woven.  Probably a cotton sheeting.

If anyone's got any advice for making a very fitted cote from silk (why yes, I am looking at HRH at the moment, but she's really busy, so I'm not looking TOO hard....), would you tell me your solution?
The silks are from this post, the one with all the fabric pictures.  :-)  I am trying to avoid buying more silk, like twill.  So far, I'm successful.
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One of the things that bugs me about people, and one person in particular right now, is that this person lacks...well...manners, for lack of a better word.  The person in question believes that politeness is something you reserve for...well, I'd guess almost no one. 

A rather polite email, regarding a situation that is rather delicate and fraught with emotional landmines was replied to with a couple of...short and pithy responses.  Classy.  Really, really classy. 

I mean, I'm sorry, but being rude and brusque isn't strength, it's a startling lack of it, along with lacking respect, grace and humility.  Yes, there are times when you simply must be strong, and some times when harsh language or actions are the only things that will break a situation, but unless it life or death (and yes, I mean that) why is this person's first reaction to be rude? 

Long thoughts on virtues under here... )

I am nothing more than a raw beginner, and I know not if I'll ever progress further than that, but I do try to live life by these things, in and out of armor or the Society.


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