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And then I promptly forgot what it was.

So, I'll just run down my weekend.

Friday I went to Brenham to help spiff up John's Bachelor Pad. That mostly involved hanging curtains, which actually help the look of the place significantly. More importantly, the black silk curtains in the bedroom block the glare of the safety light almost totally, meaning that John will sleep better in there. Without the curtains, the blinds did very little to actually cut the light from the fixture on the other building, meaning that his bedroom was pretty much in a state of perpetual twilight all night, rendering good deep sleep impossible.

So, once that was done, we went to dinner at the Brenham Grille, which wasn't bad at all. I had porkchops, two huge grilled things that were wonderfully tender. John had a Gulf shrimp platter and fried okra.

Saturday, we woke up, noodled around the apartment a bit, then decided to hit up Independence Coffee. It was pretty dang good, lemme tell you, and the cute little farmer's marker we stopped at wasn't bad either. Because we're nuts, we did pick up some dressed quail, pickled quail eggs, and some chili pickles to bring home for noms this weekend.

Later that day, after returning home to OMG exited dogs, John decided he wanted to treat us to dinner and a movie. Saltgrass! NOM! I had my favorite ribeye, with the flash fried green beans. Mmmmmmm.

After that, for some reason unknown to me, I'd agreed to go see The Thing. Uh. Right. This is the first horror movie I've gone to in the theater since I was a sophomore in high school and my then-boyfriend and I went to see Silence of the Lambs. I am not normally a horror movie buff, although I do enjoy a good psychological thriller. The Thing? Uh. A little gory, meaning I covered my eyes for several scenes, and wish I'd covered my eyes for a few others. Overall, though, I'd say it was decent. Enough to make me a bit creeped out, especially since I have a thing about skittery slithery stuff. Still, if you're a horror buff, or if you've seen the 1982 version, you might enjoy it, although I have to admit I miss the days of bad model horror flicks. The CGI stuff is a bit too realistic, and the Foley effects are WAY too good these days. ;-)

Today was church, then clean out the garage, and do a bit of work on the side yard. I'd like to get something of a garden in there before I leave, and we'll see what takes come February or March. I'm thinking tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, maybe some colder weather veggies like broccoli or cauliflower, although I think Liam will agitate for corn. We'll see what he says.

It's nice to have a semi-clean garage, although the bench is Liam's domain and is awaiting his loving ministrations. The bikes are no longer parked cheek to jowl though, which is nice. :-) There's room to bring in groceries between them, at a minimum.

I suppose I should go get ready for tomorrow, but I'll probably end up watching part of the Eagles/Cowboys game. We'll see.
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