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This is a recap post, and crossposted to [ profile] gardening

We've been doing some work on the front yard lately, and I wanted to crow about it.  It's not as awesome as some of y'all's gardens but considering what we started with, I'm please as can be!
This is what we started with: BORING!!!!

Progress... )
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Between fighter practice on Tuesday and stump pulling yesterday and today, I am one sore chick.

But!  I'm so happy about what we're doing that it's not funny.  Poor Liam is going to have to deal with all this new stuff when we're gone different places, but ooooooh!  It looks sooooo shiny!

Lemme show you!

This is what the front of the house used to look like:

Icky grass, UGLY hedges, and not a flower in sight...

Well, this is what it looks like now (or at least for the next few hours...then there will be MOAR stuff!):

Tomorrow, the last of the ugly shrubs are going to be pulled up and more roses put in, I think.  There will be climbing roses on the columns of the front porch, and another climber on the wall next to the established climber.  Tomorrow, we finish putting in the roses, re-lay the soaker hose and and take shameless advantage of the city's free mulch program.

The front of the house look SO much more inviting, already.  Granted, we're going to have to learn to take care of roses, but I think we can do that.  I've already found a great feeder/insect control/disease control solution from Bayer, so I'm thrilled with how it's all turning out.

And so...

Nov. 27th, 2010 11:48 am
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The living room floors are coming along nicely.  My hands are fairly blistered, but those heal.

The darker floors are going to help with the fact that all of the walls soar to the second story and the space is...HUGE.

And now...

Jul. 10th, 2010 10:20 am
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proof positive that maybe, just maaaaybe, we have too many books.

This is the upstairs hallway.  The niche that was there, and is now covered in books, appears to have been *made* for paperback bookshelves.  Since no one actually *makes* affordable paperback bookshelves (AKA DVD shelves, which are STUPIDLY expensive for some reason....), my Best Friend of Awesomeness and Kitten, and her Husband Who Does Not Suck, came down to help us make these.  YAY!  Now, since we know how to do it, we'll be making a LOT more of them.  In fact, there's another spot, on the opposite side of the hallway, that will have deeper shelves in it, such as craft books.

Seriously, why is it that I can get sorta-kinda decent bookshelves...okay, never mind. Good shelves, for ANY thing, are stupidly expensive.  The total cost of materials for this set was probably $175 total.
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So, I'd been thinking about repainting the master bath.  I was thinking...silvery grey walls, with black cabinets and chrome/silver accents.

Evidently, what I *really* want is purple-blue or blue-purple, with bright white.  Or a mushroom-y grey brown, but I think that's loosing ground steadily.


This first color is called Magic Spell, by Behr.  For some reason, it's coming across horribly grey, and it's's very very vibrant.

This is another purply-blue, called Merlin by Valspar.  This is a little closer to the true color palette, but wow, it's just not as deep.  Of course, this is computer monitor, so I guess I should hush.

The final color I swatched is called Creek Bend, by Bahr.  I was hoping it was more grey and less mud, but...not so much.  If you look at it on the screen, it looks EXACTLY like the color on the walls already, but...not so much.  On the wall, it's MUCH more grey-brown, like, well...creek mud.

Here's a shot of them swatched on the wall.  From left to right, it's Magic Spell, Creek Bend and then Merlin.  This first wall gets a lot of natural light from the large window just to the right of the tub.  The second wall is in the small commode room and gets a lot less light. 

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Tomorrow, I will be up to my eyeballs in turkey, family and friends, so I'm going take a moment today to say how thankful I am for my life. I have a wonderful, loving family, the best friends I could ask for, a stable job, and a new house. My dogs are pretty awesome (even horrible little rat dogs that steal sandwiches off desks...) and I am so incredibly blessed.

Tell me what you're grateful for?


Nov. 17th, 2009 10:07 am
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Heh. The weatherstripping on the front door got all borked up last night and needs to be replaced. My first thought was "I should call the landlord." My second was "You gonna call yourself, dumbass?"


(For the record, I did go and get new weatherstripping. Now, I just need a hacksaw and the time to put it on Real Soon Now.)

We did it!

Oct. 22nd, 2009 01:06 pm
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We are now homeowners!


I'm still slightly croggled that this is my life.  It's just too awesome.

I'll get some pictures tomorrow.  Since we don't fund until tomorrow, we won't pick up keys until then, but after that, it's on, baby!


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The VA appraisal is in!  We're good to go on that front!

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And it's moving forward! 
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Eeeeeeeek.  Looking at houses.  Someone come give me oxygen, please.
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Ioannes and Helena Dalassene, Liam Gordon and The Fighting Company of Hells Gate would like to invite you to Beer, Bruises and Barbeque on Dec. 20, 2008 in Jarrell, Texas.
Although it's close to the holiday, we're holding fighter practice and a housewarming party, as well as a chance to lay stick on a Soldier on R&R from Iraq (at his request!).
Our front and back yards are big enough to go a few rounds before enjoying some cold beer and hot food with friends.  Please join us!
Where:  Helena, Ioannes and Liam's place.  Email me for directions!
Why:  It's a chance to get some stick time, have some adult beverages, and some good food.  Children are welcome!
When:  20 Dec 2008 at 12 pm, but feel free to show up later!
Please let us know if you can make it, and whether you can contribute to Beer or Barbeque.  (We're all expectiing to contribute to Bruises!)
Helena Dalassene


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