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And be aware that when I say pictures, I mean like 20 of them.  I'm not kidding when I say this entry will eat your brain bandwidth.

These are some of the photos showing the progress of my new armor kit.  It's going to be gorgeous and I can't wait for it to be done!

You have been warned... )


Jan. 9th, 2011 08:14 am
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These are pictures of the first red tunic, and the start of the second one.

They're AWFUL, but they'll give you an idea.

It's not quite so orange IRL, but it is BRIGHT!  You can barely see the detail on the facing, but I'll update when I have better pictures.

The following pictures are the start of the second tunic.  This is the facing that goes around the collar.  I usually do a double facing, and turn it from the inside out, so that the neckline is totally enclosed and neat.  One, it looks better to me, and two, it avoids the neckline rubbing an exposed seam on Ioannes's neck.

You can see the word "TOP" in one shot,  That's to remind me which side is the top side, or rather, which one will be seen on the outside of the tunic.

And a bit closer.  Not that you can see anything.

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I finished a project.  For the first time in...yeah, let's not talk about that.

Ioannes has at least one new fighting tunic.  Go me!

And so...

Nov. 27th, 2010 11:48 am
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The living room floors are coming along nicely.  My hands are fairly blistered, but those heal.

The darker floors are going to help with the fact that all of the walls soar to the second story and the space is...HUGE.
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I'm currently working on two projects:

This is going to be a personal banner.  I've still got to actually sew everything down (rather than just stitchwitch it down), paint the green leaves, do the eye, the nose and the ear detail, and then paint the ermine.  It's all hemmed and everything.  Both the top and the bottom have sleeves for poles, so it can be tied to a day shade, or suspended in a variety of ways.  

This is the banner for Hellsgate.  It needs to be hemmed along the sides, highlighted and ties put on it, but it's coming along.  I'm industrious and stuff.

However, I really wish I could have gone to Coronation.  These needed to be done though.  I made a promise to get two banners done by FP tomorrow.  Eeeep!
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How it looked at the start.

From the door of the office, looking out into the hallway.  This is a HUGE improvement from what it used to look like.  The PLANT isn't on the buffet any more.

Standing at the buffet, looking toward the front door.  The PLANT has found a new home.  Now, the question is...WTF do I *DO* with said PLANT?

Looking into the office from the buffet.  Liam's computer is, well, where Liam is, mine is just behind his, and John's is to the right.

Looking up at John's desk.  I shot this low so I could get the artwork on the walls.  :-)  Hey, [ profile] haikujaguar , you should recognize something in this picture.  So should [ profile] haldira !

Liam's desk.  Baseball is srs bizness, yo!

My desk, now with more pink flowers!

The shelves just to the right of my desk.  You should definitely recognize these, [ profile] haikujaguar .   Your art, in it's non-native environment!

And, last but not least, the drafting table corner.

I wish I had more pictures of the hardwood going in. It's much like laying tile, in that it is laborious, but not difficult.  In fact, it's pretty easy.  Liam had to make some pretty fancy cuts to go around the rounded edges on the columns, but really?  He did a great job!  We won't talk about how much adhesive ended up on me, though...

And's dinner time!
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It's not perfect, and maybe one day I'll get another IBM model M to play with but for now?  I'm happy!
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Yes, I know...there's something wrong with me.  Really, really wrong.

So, that's what it looks like now.  :-)  I'm pretty happy, although if I did it again, I'd probably go with a brighter pink so the grey keys aren't quite so mauve.  Oh well, I'm happy.
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After I post this, though, I have to go clean up the kitchen.  Again.

Anyway, here's the scroll I've been working on for friends of ours.  I know the lady of this house will be at the event, but I didn't before I started making it, so I hope they still enjoy the invitation.

In case...

Jul. 23rd, 2010 09:53 pm
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Anyone was wondering what madness I've been up to...

you can click here... )
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what I could be good at in the SCA.

This is the general invite for the Laurels Prize Tourney.  It's pretty plain, but I think it looks good.

This is the design sketch for a personalized invite.  The folx that it's going out to are some of my favorite peoples in the SCA and I miss them.  I don't think he'll be able to come, and I don't know if she will, but I wanted them to know they're thought about and missed.  He is a Lion of Ansteorra and the tower comes from her device, so we'll see how it turns out.
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Well, the scroll is in Oklahoma by now, and I'm biting my nails to the quick with nerves.

This is the final product.  I can see almost nothing but what's wrong with it, but for a first effort, I'm happy.  I need to work on smoothing out my color, a LOT.



And now...

Jul. 10th, 2010 10:20 am
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proof positive that maybe, just maaaaybe, we have too many books.

This is the upstairs hallway.  The niche that was there, and is now covered in books, appears to have been *made* for paperback bookshelves.  Since no one actually *makes* affordable paperback bookshelves (AKA DVD shelves, which are STUPIDLY expensive for some reason....), my Best Friend of Awesomeness and Kitten, and her Husband Who Does Not Suck, came down to help us make these.  YAY!  Now, since we know how to do it, we'll be making a LOT more of them.  In fact, there's another spot, on the opposite side of the hallway, that will have deeper shelves in it, such as craft books.

Seriously, why is it that I can get sorta-kinda decent bookshelves...okay, never mind. Good shelves, for ANY thing, are stupidly expensive.  The total cost of materials for this set was probably $175 total.
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These are only two pix of the projects we've been working on.

The first is a shot of the shirts I made for Sir Giotto, in exchange for some ceramic ware for eating.


The second is an entari Liam and I are working on together.  (He's doing 99% of the work on it, I'm just pressing and embellishing.)  The pattern on the fabric isn't quite right, but it's a stash entari, so I'm happy with it.  It's also black and gold, so it's going to look fabulous!

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But I'm thinking that I'm missing something.  There's an odd gap, that I think I may have to stitch up by hand next time.  That's fine, but because of the little clip at the end of the button/buttonhole section, it doesn't want to serge neatly.  Hmmmm...If you force it, it looks odd, but if you skip it, you get a gap.  Looks like a needle and thread will fix my little red wagon.  :-)

Now, on to the body.  I'm leaving the buttonholes for later, as I want to get a bit more done on the cote.  I think.

Tomorrow is "Stitch and B*tch" at our place, so I need to break out the sewing machines and clean up a bit.

Don't know if anyone is actually going to sew, but we'll be ready if they do!


Sep. 21st, 2008 11:47 am
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I finally finished the white tunic.  It's the first piece of garb I've made for myself in almost two years.  The seams are all finished, with either a felled finish, or French seamed.  The neck facing and sleeve facings are not interfaced with modern interfacing, but instead, I used two layers of the linen, and the way I finished them makes it all nice and neat.

The bottom one is a shot of the side-seam and the hem.  I started with hem stitches about every 1/8th inch, and while it took a LONG time to do, I like it.  It's a doubled hem, since the two inches I started with was still a wee bit too long, so I just rolled it up one more inch.  Overall, I like it a lot.   I had to fit it pretty extensively, but I think I'll be using the pattern again, just in a smaller size.
I'm pretty happy with myself, but I'm feeling kinda "meh" from the impending menstrual cycle.  Yuck.


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