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Well, USAA called me today.  Pony is a loss.  She was a good car, fun and faithful and she died protecting me.

I'll miss you, but God we have fun.
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Started badly and only got worse from there.

To wit: 

I was hoping to find out today if it's repairable or not.  *sigh*

I'm okay, I'm already seeing a doc for ouchies and sore muscles and I've cried my head off a few times.  This was a present from John, the first car bought for me because he simply thought it would make me happy.  Not because it was practical, not because it was a "good" idea, but because he knew I wanted one, and it makes him happy to make me happy.

If I haven't said it, my life rocks and I have the most amazing amount of love in my life. 
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Well, it doesn't really matter what I wish.  It can't happen, so what's it matter?
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So, it's been over five months since we moved out of the rental house in Jarrell. We STILL haven't gotten our deposit back, and I've gotten almost no response to my inquiries. I'm tired of it, and I finally feel good enough that I'm doing something about it. When I'm feeling *RAWR*, do not irritate me.

22 April 2010

Certified Mail- Return Receipt Requested
Jennifer D. and John M. Atkinson

Former Landlords


Former Landlords

Re: Demand of Security Deposit

As you know, my husband and I gave you a security deposit when we leased your property at {address} on 15 Nov 2008. We vacated the house on 15 Nov 2009. As of this letter, the security deposit has not been returned, nor has an itemized receipt been provided stating any incurred charges. I have requested an explanation several times, and have gotten little or no response.

At this point, I am demanding the return of the entire security deposit in certified funds. Please see below for explanation. I have enclosed a copy of the check, showing the amount of the security deposit. I am requesting the deposit be returned IN FULL no later than five (5)business days after the receipt of this demand letter.

According to Texas Property Code Section 92.109, I have no choice but to assume you have acted in bad faith.

§ 92.109. LIABILITY OF LANDLORD. (a) A landlord who in bad faith retains a security deposit in violation of this subchapter is liable for an amount equal to the sum of $100, three times the portion of the deposit wrongfully withheld, and the tenant's reasonable attorney's fees in a suit to recover the deposit.
(b) A landlord who in bad faith does not provide a written description and itemized list of damages and charges in violation of this subchapter:
(1) forfeits the right to withhold any portion of the security deposit or to bring suit against the tenant for damages to the premises; and
(2) is liable for the tenant's reasonable attorney's fees in a suit to recover the deposit.
(c) In an action brought by a tenant under this subchapter, the landlord has the burden of proving that the retention of any portion of the security deposit was reasonable.
(d) A landlord who fails either to return a security deposit or to provide a written description and itemization of deductions on or before the 30th day after the date the tenant surrenders possession is presumed to have acted in bad faith.

Acts 1983, 68th Leg., p. 3641, ch. 576, § 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1984.

A very annoyed SoldierGrrrl


Jan. 12th, 2009 09:54 am
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It appears the cinnamon cord was the winner of the contest, mostly.  The striped stuff was a popular item, but since you don't see a lot of striped cotes, I think I'll hold off.  Right now, I just want to find a decent damned pattern for a cote.  I'd like to not have to wear a bra with it, so it needs to be...well...supportive.


I've stopped my Twitfeed, just because.


Mostly I am discombobulated today.  John's cellphone got washed, so he's incommunicado all day, dammit.  I was about to text him earlier, and was rather peeved when I remembered that it woudn't work.

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  • Work.  It's driving me nuts.  However, I did totally redo my layout for a 20 page magazine in 10 hours yesterday.  I also think it looks pretty damn good.
  • Life.  I love mine.
  • Fighting.  I'm skeered and am punking out of fighting. 
  • Sewing.  I have something that I've been working on for a week now.  Should get that finished real soon now.
  • Con.  We're going to FenCon, and I'm almost done with John's "Core World Dandy" outfit.  :-)  It looks damn good if I do say so myself.
  • Also, went to a Cowboys game on Sunday.  O.  M.  G.  How fun!  I'm hooked. 
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Unless something really bizarre happens, I will not be at Gothic War.  I am glad as hell I did not spend the money for plane tickets to Atlanta.

I am on recall for state active duty orders, in preparation for Hurricane Gustav.  I am guessing this prep is so that we do not leave Texas citizens in the lurch and so that we can respond quickly and appropriately to any landfall of this storm.

That does not, however, mean that I am not pissed as hell.  I understand this is part of my job, but the next person who mentions it to me is going to get an Army retention coffee cup in an uncomfortable and intimate place.  Do not tell me I signed up for this.  I know that, however it does not mitigate the fact that I still would like to have a damn life and it doesn't actually make me feel any better.
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I may not be able to make Gothic War because of that damned storm.


ETA:  I'll be working this hurricane with the MPAD.  This means that I am not on the regular office schedule.  I am on a 24-hour recall, so unless Gustav feels the need for speed, I'll be at Gothic.
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So, you might want to skip this if you're not interested in the Society. 

I'm running into my usual "want to do too much, with too little time."  

I want to fight.  Yeah, need to get my ass out there and practice.  I'll get right on that.  After work and moving.

I want to sew.  I'll do that, too, once I get the sewing room set up and find a place to cut out fabric.

I want to learn so much stuff, and I don't know where to start!  


How do you fit it all in, if you've got a job that eats your life, like mine can?  Sersiously, I'm starting to think about packing a "handwork kit" to take on trips with me.  



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